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Day: September 9, 2014

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Data centre disaster recovery to support business continuity

Recent adverse weather conditions across the UK have once again highlighted how factors we cannot control can disrupt business continuity. With 80% of businesses affected by a major incident, either never re-opening, or closing within 18 months, it is worrying to see

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Distributed generation is changing the face of relay testing

Distributed or embedded generation is a hot topic at the moment. With more and more generation being connected those concerned with the stability of the network have to deal with increasing electrical power generation and distribution challenges. The UK electricity supply network

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DatacenterDynamics Converged London – The open-minded data centre event

19-20 November, London ExCel Driving performance and efficiency in any organisation that relies upon complex mission-critical ICT infrastructure is a major challenge. It requires multi-skilled professionals who need to understand ‘the data centre’ from an organisation’s many viewpoints, and who are adept

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Be confident about compliance with brother label printers

Mike Kelly, head of labelling at Brother UK, offers his advice on how labelling can support electricians in meeting industry regulations, keeping customers happy, and working professionally. Keeping compliant with regulations Brother has been working with the electrical industry for many years,

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Borri gets first place at the Games

Hailed as the most successful Commonwealth Games to date, Borri was proud to have been chosen as a key provider of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solutions for the 2014 prestigious event.   With only a tight timeframe to deliver, the leading power

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IP68 fan

Sunon fans are now available in IP68 version. Dedicated to harsh environments, they are protected against heavy dust and incoming water. Three models are already available and have had UL/TUV certification.To get the IP68 certification level, Sunon engineers developed a complete potting

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Guide to measuring sound levels in dB

E2S Warning Signals has published an educational guide that seeks to ‘de-mystify’ the dB (decibel), one of the most common units in engineering, yet also one of the most confusing. The guide can be found at The main difficulty in comprehending

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Box clever with environmentally friendly packaging

Cables and systems specialist Draka is now able to supply its market leading UC Connect range of cables for enterprise and datacentre communications networks in Reelex EcoCore boxes to ensure easy, environmentally friendly cable dispensing without cable twists, tangles, or overruns. Reelex

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Sheath-fault location

Readily portable and featuring intuitive menu-driven operation, the new SebaKMT MFM 10 sheath-fault location system from Megger provides a fast, convenient and accurate solution for testing cable sheaths, as well as for pre-locating and pinpointing sheath faults. The instrument uses the voltage

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Stainless steel types – the numbers game

Lasnek is a UK stainless steel cable management manufacturers, with products including electrical trunking, cable trays, conduit systems, stainless steel channel and fixings, cable ladder systems, terminal and push button boxes and stainless steel enclosures and isolators. Lasnek only manufactures stainless steel

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