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Stainless steel types – the numbers game

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Lasnek is a UK stainless steel cable management manufacturers, with products including electrical trunking, cable trays, conduit systems, stainless steel channel and fixings, cable ladder systems, terminal and push button boxes and stainless steel enclosures and isolators.

Lasnek only manufactures stainless steel containment systems. Stainless steel is a versatile material; however it’s imperative that the right grade is used for the correct application. Lasnek is able to advise customers on the most suitable grade of stainless steel for your application.

The two commonest type of stainless steel are 304 and 316. 304 is the most dominant due to its significantly lower price point to the 316 (due to a higher percentage of alloys in the latter), and lends itself to areas where hygiene is paramount such as the food and beverage environment. 316 has a higher resistance to corrosion and is used for equipment in direct contact with foods, such as cutting blades or tables.


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