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Be confident about compliance with brother label printers

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Mike Kelly, head of labelling at Brother UK, offers his advice on how labelling can support electricians in meeting industry regulations, keeping customers happy, and working professionally.

Keeping compliant with regulations

Brother has been working with the electrical industry for many years, and understands the various regulations that need to be adhered to. We also know that meeting these standards, as important as it is, can be a time consuming task. Over the years we’ve developed our label printers and range of tapes to ensure that our products enable electricians to comply with these regulations as efficiently as possible.

In particular, label printers are a key tool for helping electricians fulfil many of the identification requirements of the wiring regulations. Producing clear, durable labels in a variety of different sizes and colours, their versatility means that they can be used for a number of applications.

Brother label printers have a range of standard templates built into them, making it easy to create cable wrap, faceplate and distribution board labels. There’s also a wide range of industry relevant symbols, such as high-voltage warning signs, which will enhance the impact and relevance of the label. 

All our models are also geared up for designing customised labels quickly, giving you much more flexibility than you would have with ‘off the shelf labels’. You don’t need to worry about them getting dirty, damaged or lost on site and they’re completely flexible. If you’re faced with something unexpected on a job, you can create the label there and then rather than having to make a trip to the wholesaler to buy a specific one.

The label printers are also great to use on the move. For example, once you’ve created a label, it can be stored within the memory of the printer to be used at a later stage. This can help you to keep on top of wiring regulations as you work and increase efficiency on site.

Staying professional and making life easy

Undertaking a job professionally from start to finish impresses customers and will encourage them to work with you again in the future. Not only does this mean completing work to a high standard and delivering good customer service while on site, but it’s equally as important to leave a positive impression once the job is complete.

Leaving customers with an electrical installation that is labelled with clear, concise labels will give them confidence that the work has been completed by professionals, and is in line with wiring regulations.

Not only will this help the reputation of you and your company, but it will also make things simpler and safer for your customers in the long term. 

Putting it to the test: how other companies have benefited with Brother

P & R Hurt Electrical Contractors undertook a full electrical upgrade and service for Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre, ensuring everything was clearly labelled using Brother’s label printers.

During the upgrade, which ensured the company was fully compliant with health and safety regulations, everything was labelled, from high voltage connectors and sockets, switchgear hazard warnings to PAT testing (Portable Appliance Testing).

Roger Alford, site manager of Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre, said: “P&R Hurt Electrical Contractors has helped us stay compliant in line with health and safety regulations (British Standard, EN, Electrical Wiring Regulations). Their professional work demonstrates our commitment to all visitors’ safety. Every socket and piece of equipment has been clearly labelled and we’ve even got the Dingles logo on each label.” 

Paul Hurt, owner of P&R Hurt Electrical Contractors, said: “Brother’s label printers help us label electrical installations quickly and efficiently. The labels are clear and durable, helping to reinforce the complete, professional service we provide for our customers, such as Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre. We even have a demonstration machine set up at our training centre promoting best practice to all our apprentices.”  

Brother’s latest model: the PT-E550WVP

As the UK’s number one labelling brand*, we’ve recently launched a new flagship electrical label printer, the PT-E5550WVP.

This label printer has been developed to ensure that it supports electricians in meeting all of the identification requirements of the current wiring regulations, including:

General – ID and Notices (514.14.1)

Bare Conductors (514.4.6)

ID of conductors by lettering and/or numbering (514.5.1)

ID of a protective device (514.8.1)

Voltage warning (514.10.1)

Isolation (514.11.1)

Periodic inspection (514.12.1)

RCD (514.12.2)

Earthing in bonding (513.13.1)

For more information visit

*GfK UK, Labelling Machines, Panel market, Sales Units, Apr 13 – Mar 14

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