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A new report by the Climate Group warns that policy barriers in the world's largest economies could hinder COP28's flagship renewables target,
World leaders have pledged to triple global renewable energy capacity by 2030 at COP28 in the United Arab Emirates.
An accelerated energy transition could potentially add 40 million jobs in the energy sector and boost global GDP, according to IRENA.
The UK's renewable energy sector faces lost investment as it struggles to compete with incentives from the European Union and United States.
UK Power Network plans to spend more than £6 million upgrading its communications networks for nearly 10,000 substations across London.
Lotus has unveiled a new EV charger that is faster than any charger currently available to the public in the UK, boasting speeds of up to 450 kW. 
UK Power Networks and Net Zero Marine Services (NZMS) have partnered to enable electric boats to charge along the River Thames.
SSE Energy Solutions is taking a significant step in the electrification of road freight by constructing its inaugural electric charging hub for HGVs.

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