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Sheath-fault location

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Readily portable and featuring intuitive menu-driven operation, the new SebaKMT MFM 10 sheath-fault location system from Megger provides a fast, convenient and accurate solution for testing cable sheaths, as well as for pre-locating and pinpointing sheath faults.

The instrument uses the voltage drop method of fault pre-location, which provides results that are unaffected by the resistance of supplementary connections and test leads, as well as featuring bipolar operation, which eliminates the risk of errors resulting from thermoelectric and galvanic effects in the cable under test.

With its integral 10 kV voltage source, the MFM 10 is ideally suited for carrying out tests on medium- and high-voltage cables, and the 750 mA current capability of this source is invaluable for testing of long cable lengths and for “burning” faults that are difficult to locate using other methods. The instrument also offers a multi-section facility that allows the entry of data for multiple cable segments with different parameters.


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