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All the latest in the world of EV charging infrastructure.

TotalEnergies partners with SSE for new ‘Source’ EV charging network

TotalEnergies partners with SSE for new ‘Source’ EV charging network

TotalEnergies and SSE have established a joint venture named ‘Source’ aimed at expanding EV charging infrastructure across the UK and Ireland. 

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Scotland's most powerful EV charging hub has officially opened at Myrekirk Roundabout in Dundee, boasting 24 ultra-rapid chargers.
Altilium and Connected Energy have formed a strategic partnership aimed at extending the lifecycle of EV batteries.
Recent data released by Zapmap indicates that the UK now boasts over 64,000 EV charging points as of June 2024. 
Mer, an EV charging company owned by Statkraft, outlines the things you need to know before installing EV charging infrastructure. 
A UK-first trial is exploring how EV charging can be timed to optimally align with the availability of renewable energy.
Connected Energy has entered into a partnership with Nissan to enhance the sustainability of electric vehicle (EV) batteries within the UK. 
Osprey Charging has secured a freehold site in Paisley, Glasgow, for what will be the largest ultra-rapid EV charging hub in Scotland. 
Matthew Lumsden, CEO of Connected Energy, discusses findings from the first 10 years of designing and operating second life battery storage.

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