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Energy Storage Panel - Powered On Live 2023
VIDEO: Could energy storage provide the grid with the resilience it needs?
Can energy storage help give the grid a bit of extra resilience as we transition to renewable energy generation?
VIDEO: V2X: How EVs could be the missing piece in grid flexibility
Rolf Biernet, Managing & Technical Director at the OpenADR Alliance, explores the future that V2X could deliver at Powered On Live 2023.
VIDEO: Is the UK being ambitious enough in its route to net zero?
A panel of experts gathered at Powered On Live 2023 to discuss whether the UK is being ambitious enough in its route to net zero.
VIDEO: How to play it safe when working with electricity
Electrical Safety First details the essential resources that all those working with electricity should have to hand to ensure their safety.
VIDEO: Building the next generation of electrical engineers
Andrew Eldred explains the staffing issues that face the electrical industry, and how to encourage the next generation.
VIDEO: Building out the UK’s EV charging infrastructure
We gathered a panel of experts to ascertain the challenges that the industry faces in ensuring that EV infrastructure is accessible to all.
VIDEO: Exploring the total cost of ownership of modern UPS
Jason Yates, Technical Services Manager at Riello UPS Ltd, explores the potential cost savings offered by various UPS operating modes.
VIDEO: Metrel details electrical safety equipment at Powered On Live 2023
A team of experts from Metrel gave us an overview of the various tools available to ensure the safe installation of electrical equipment.
VIDEO: Has the windfall tax dented investment in renewable energy?
At Powered On Live 2023, we gathered a panel of experts to discuss whether the windfall tax had dented investment in renewable energy.
Enersys - Powered On Live 2023
VIDEO: How have lead-acid batteries advanced for energy storage use?
At Powered On Live 2023, Dr. Thomas Verghese from EnerSys gave us an insight into the latest advancements in lead-acid battery technology.
VIDEO: What’s next for the UK’s power market in 2023?
At Powered On Live 2023, Dr Dan Atzori, Group Research Partner at Cornwall Insight, explored the future of the UK’s power market.
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Critical Insight 2022: Battery energy storage and on-site sustainable generation
Brian Clavin from Total Data Centre Solutions explores the topic of battery energy storage systems at Critical Insight 2022.
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Why electric vehicles will be the gateway drug to energy independence
Tom Callow, Head of External Affairs, myenergi, explains why electric vehicles will be the gateway drug to energy independence.
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Solving the energy and climate crises through microgrids
Could microgrids help solve the current energy and climate crises? We discussed it with an expert panel at Powered On Live.
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Rethinking the role a UPS can play in the data centre
At the recent Powered On Live event, Jason Yates detailed how the UPS could potentially play a larger role than just being a back-up.
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