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ESR’s Safe Isolation infographic addresses major safety issue some electricians ignore
The Electrical Safety Roundtable (ESR) in the Workplace group has launched a new ‘12 Steps to Safe Isolation’ infographic.
Forecast: 46 GW of renewable energy capacity needed to keep pace with net zero targets
For the UK to achieve its goal of reaching net zero, the country will need to see 46 GW of renewable energy capacity installed by 2030.
Scotland’s largest EV charging hub opens for business
The largest EV charging hub in Scotland has officially opened at the Falkirk Stadium, with enough capacity to charge 26 vehicles.
Tesla could soon bundle solar, energy storage and EV charging products
Tesla is said to be planning a bundle for its solar, energy storage and EV charging products, which could save homeowners cash
Vatenfall proposes 66-acre solar farm for Herne Bay, Kent
Vatenfall has put forward proposals to construct a new 66-acre solar farm near Herne Bay in Kent, which will provide power for 5,000 homes.
Power quality instrument testing made easy
Omicron has released a paper that highlights the importance of regularly testing power quality instruments.
Eaton exits mains lighting market in EMEA to focus on emergency lighting
Eaton has announced that it is going to exit the mains lighting market in EMEA to focus on emergency lighting and fire products.
Why electric vehicle incentives need to be better in the UK
As we move towards a fossil fuel-free future, incentives on electric vehicles should be getting better, not more erratic.
Importance of emergency lighting highlighted after death of 80-year-old man
The death of an 80-year-old man at Aberdeen Market could have possibly been prevented had there been adequate emergency lighting.
Thorn’s latest luminaires offer an education in lighting
Thorn has launched a new range of lighting products ideally designed for educational buildings, such as schools and colleges.