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UK Government outlines plan to deliver cleaner, smarter electricity grid
The UK Government has released its plan for net zero, with the decarbonisation of the grid top of the agenda.
National Grid to unlock additional 500MW amidst SmartValve expansion
National Grid Electricity Transmission has confirmed that it will be expanding its use of SmartValve tech unlocking an additional 500MW.
Ovia highlights free lighting design service
Ovia offers a free lighting design service, which is available to electrical contracting companies and others selecting lighting products.
UK Government outlines plan to accelerate adoption of electric vehicles
The UK Government has released its plan to achieve net zero, but how will it accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles?
National Grid delays IFA1’s return to full service until October 2023
National Grid has confirmed that the IFA1 interconnector, which was damaged by a fire, won’t return to full service until October 2023.
Certsure announces Richard Orton as new Managing Director
Certsure, the organisation behind the NICEIC, has announced the appointment of a new Managing Director in the form of Richard Orton.
Ellis Patents puts Summit Tunnel on the right track
Ellis Patents has secured an order that has seen its Pegasus cable hangers hung at one of the world’s oldest railway tunnels.
UK Power Networks completes installation of first new transformer for Purfleet
UK Power Networks has completed the installation of the first of two new transformers that will upgrade the power infrastructure in Purfleet.
UK Government expected to commit to new nuclear power plant, alongside mini reactors
The UK Government is expected to announce plans to fund a new large-scale nuclear power plant, alongside a fleet of mini reactors.
Recolight launches new initiatives to encourage reuse of lighting, rather than recycling
Recolight has announced two new initiatives to support and encourage reuse in the lighting sector, avoiding the need to recycle.