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Borri gets first place at the Games

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Hailed as the most successful Commonwealth Games to date, Borri was proud to have been chosen as a key provider of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solutions for the 2014 prestigious event.  

With only a tight timeframe to deliver, the leading power specialist supplied a total of 458 individual Borri UPS units ranging between 1kVA through to 80kVA, to over 19 sites. Delivery to the various locations required precision planning and timing, which was expertly handled by all parties involved.

The majority of the order comprised a selection of Borri rackmountable, rotation UPS systems. The battery backup runtimes required for the different units ranged from 5 minutes to six hours, depending on the standby generators supplied by others. The B300 Rotation and B400 Rotation series from Borri is a high efficiency, flexible single phase solution. Its versatility makes it one of the most highly sought after solutions from Borri. 

A wide selection of tower online double conversion solutions were also selected for the Commonwealth Games. These included Borri B400 3kVA units ,  Borri B500 10kVA systems with 2 hour battery runtime, five Borri B500 EVO, 20kVA with 6hour runtimes and a Borri B8000FXS 80kVA. 

Adding to the complexity of the project, the Borri B8000FXS 80kVA was placed within a custom built container to provide an easier delivery and connection to the generator. The Borri B8000FXS is one of the most resilient and versatile units on the market. Its transformer free and slim line design means that it has a very marginal footprint and is ideal for environments with space constraints. 

In addition to the UPS units supplied, Borri also provided 55 SNMP cards so the Commonwealth Games Committee was able to remotely monitor and manage these units using an Ethernet connection over a Local Area Network, although there were no faults reported during the games period on any of the units supplied, the remote connection gave valuable peace of mind to the games organisers.  

Used to provide power protection support for a plethora of equipment including lighting, CCTV, security systems, I.T and broadcasting equipment, the UPS solutions from Borri remained resilient throughout the 11 sporting days. 

Commenting on the project, Borri’s sales director, Mark Trolley said: “This is just the latest of high profile projects that we have had the privilege of working on and we are thrilled to have been chosen to provide such a vital component for the Commonwealth Games. The Borri UPS brand is stronger than ever and is fast becoming recognised as the leading choice for both power resilience and efficiency. We are pleased that the games went without a hitch and are confident that it will definitely be one to remember.”

Borri is a multifaceted business – incorporating not just complete project solutions and an extensive array of emergency power equipment but as the exclusive UK distributor for Italian UPS manufacturer, Borri Spa, the company also has access to the widest pool of technologically advanced UPS solutions available. 

Borri Spa is a company specialised in custom design, manufacturing and servicing of power electronics equipment for industrial and ICT applications. Based in Italy with 12,000 m2 production space and a large full-testing area, the company can call on more than 80 years’ experience and multidisciplinary research and development. 

For more information on Borri’s extensive range of UPS products and services or to arrange a free site survey please visit or call 0800 136 993. 

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