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All the latest sustainability initiatives from the world of electrical engineering.

ABB has received endorsement from the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) for its greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets.

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Schneider Electric has been named as the ‘world’s most sustainable company’ as part of a new list released by Time Magazine and Statista. 
Developing renewables is essential for net zero, but we’re making the job 8% harder than it has to be, says Ged Hebdige from Powerdown220.
Signify has finally revealed a game plan to go with its commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 90% by 2040. 
A circular supply chain will be critical if we are to meet all our sustainability targets, according to Olimpia Bertarini from ZAPI GROUP. 
The UK's net zero deadline is threatened by a critical green skills shortage, according to OVO’s latest report.
David Rimmer, Microgrid Business Leader at Schneider Electric, believes that decentralised microgrids could solve the UK's infrastructure problems.
Bret Simon from Exodigo is set to lead a session focusing on the integration of artificial intelligence into electrical grid management. 
The upcoming Powered On: Sustainability event, scheduled for April 23, will feature a panel discussion focusing on the transition to electric vehicles.

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