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Reduce risk and optimise performance – with Socomec’s specialist engineering support

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A vital component of any integrated power solution is the quality of engineering support behind the facility.  A holistic approach is important; the selection of the right partners in terms of supply, installation and commissioning – as well as for the ongoing servicing of a facility – reduces an organisation’s risk significantly and optimises a system’s ongoing performance.

High quality engineering support is a critical component in any organisation’s continuity plan, but is often overlooked until something goes wrong. With the benefit of hindsight it is easy to identify the risks involved in a catastrophic power failure, in terms of loss of a business’ assets or infrastructure downtime.  It is more difficult, however, to identify those risks – and mitigate against them – when all is running as it should be.

Socomec’s specialist expertise

The engagement of expert support in the installation, commissioning, and maintenance of a facility is imperative for any organisation that values its assets and is keen to optimise its performance.  By working with specialists in this field, critical power issues can be quickly and effectively identified and resolved – guaranteeing an organisation’s continued operation.

With over 40 years’ uninterruptible power supply (UPS) experience in the design and manufacture of critical power equipment, Socomec  understands the importance of providing a global support network of specialist engineers dedicated to guaranteeing business continuity in the most demanding critical power applications.

All-inclusive project management – at every stage

This process begins with the initial selection of equipment and services – in identifying the right solution for a customer’s specific requirements. Andrew Wilkinson, Regional Managing Director, Socomec, explains; “At Socomec, we place great importance on providing technical and project management expertise at every stage of consultations with our customers. Furthermore, we understand the need to maintain control of operating costs which is why all of our project engineering fees are encompassed within the cost of the equipment, providing complete visibility from the outset.

Customised solutions

We frequently carry out a significant amount of upfront customisation to ensure that we deliver the optimum solution, as every customer’s needs are unique.  Our dedicated team of project engineers are specialists in their field and are involved in every aspect of the decision-making and order fulfilment process, working directly with the factory and sub-contractors, reviewing electrical drawings and plans and ensuring that the appropriate method and risk assessments have been completed.  At the point of delivery, offload and positioning (DOP) our engineers commission, install and test the equipment.

With you, on site – until sign-off

Throughout the entire process, our engineers work with the customer to manage the project and scheduling, providing technical liaison and consultation between the client and sub-contractors to ensure that the equipment runs to specification.  The Project Engineering Manager will remain with the project – and on site – until all Operations Manuals have been produced and site acceptance tests have been signed off by both the client and by Socomec.”

Ongoing maintenance support

Socomec provides a complete range of engineering support services to handle the Commissioning, Inspection and Maintenance (CIM) of UPS systems throughout their lifecycle.  From contract packages to bespoke solutions for all UPS equipment, Socomec’s approach means that advice provided on a site’s critical power risks and opportunities is comprehensive, and that maintenance planning is centralised.

Optimised performance and mitigation against risk

Andrew Wilkinson, comments “Socomec has an unrivalled breadth and depth of technical expertise, with local rapid response teams.  Furthermore, we understand the importance of maintaining vital UPS equipment whilst also being mindful of a facility’s operating costs.  We can create completely customised CIM packages for your system architecture – optimising parts availability, labour resources and response times to give you total peace of mind throughout the hardware lifecycle.  When visiting a customer’s site, the Socomec engineering team would carry out an initial audit to identify any potential issues that could put business continuity at risk, as well as an assessment of the system’s energy efficiency.  The Socomec engineers would then provide a summary report, with costed recommendations.  This report highlights the areas that need to be addressed most urgently and those which could generate the greatest improvements, and forms the basis of an optimisation roadmap for the equipment, electrical system and / or power source.”

Maximum availability, efficiency and reliability

If it is felt that further investigation is necessary, a more detailed Power Quality Audit can be carried  out with key considerations such as; energy efficiency, voltage drop, a reduction in power factor, three-phase load imbalance, harmonic distortion, transitory current or system design.

Wilkinson continues, “The Socomec Power Quality Audit can help optimise the reliability, efficiency and safety of a critical power supply.  This in turn can mitigate against loss of earnings and increased costs associated with downtime and equipment inefficiencies.”

Preventative maintenance is a vital element in maximising system uptime during a product’s normal life cycle.  To avoid downtime – and the possible risks and damage to loads – annual preventative maintenance checks will determine the functionality of electronic and mechanical parts and will determine part replacement requirements due to wear and tear, such as fans and capacitors.

For the precision monitoring of an electrical installation, Socomec offers a comprehensive thermographic diagnostic service for UPS systems and components.  Wilkinson explains; “Maximising the overall effectiveness of an installation means, above all, optimising its availability by increasing reliability (MTBF) and reducing repair times (MTTR).  Using Socomec’s thermographic diagnostic tools it is possible to check active installations and rapidly identify critical situations affecting energy distribution and electrical components, including loose or corroded connections, load imbalance, overloads or the presence of harmonic currents.”

For assurance that in any unforeseen eventuality, you had the backing of highly trained engineering team that could rapidly respond to bring your systems back online – 24/7/365 – and the guarantee of business continuity, please contact Mick Koncowski on 01285 86 33 00 or email [email protected]

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The Socomec Group in brief

•An independent, family-owned company founded in 1922.

•A manufacturer providing expert solutions for LV electrical networks: power control and safety, critical power, energy efficiency and solar power.

•3,200 employees spread over 25 subsidiaries around the world: Socomec has total control of the design, manufacture and marketing of its products.

•Nine production sites (4 in France, 1 in Italy, 1 in Tunisia, 1 in India, 2 in China) integrate the company’s core technological know-how and ensure the quality of its products whilst respecting customer requirements in terms of delivery times.

•In 2012, the Socomec Group posted a turnover of 443M€.

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