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Electrical Review is the longest established UK electrical journal, first published in 1872 as the Telegraphic Journal.

The magazine and website are aimed at electrical engineers, project managers, consultants and electrical contractors, essentially any key personnel specifying electrical systems in public/commercial buildings and industry.

With feature length editorial articles, opinions and blogs, Electrical Review's goal is to be the invaluable resource for the electrical professional with the latest news and product information to assist you in your career.

Getting your news published: Because of our editorial process we can’t possibly cover every new product, service launch. We try, instead, to pick those stories which illuminate broader trends or look likely to have a significant long-term impact.

But that doesn’t mean your time is wasted in sending your news to Electrical Review. Far from it. Everything that comes in gets read, and even if it isn’t used today, it may well result in editorial coverage of your company in the future. Please send your news to the editor.

Our forward-features list: please contact our advertising team

Contributing to Electrical Review: We are always happy to consider publishing opinion pieces or technical articles from experienced individuals in the electrical sector. We recommend supplying a synopsis of your article. This only needs to be a paragraph at most. The ideal piece will be around 1300 words long, issue or technology-led and not be published anywhere else.

Please send submissions, or outlines, to the editor.

Corrections and complaints: We try not to get things wrong, but it happens. If you spot an error in an Electrical Review story, or you think we’ve been unfair, please contact the editor. It’s nearly always possible to fix the damage.

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Advertising, sponsorship and other commercial opportunities: Please see our Advertise page.

Copyright: Everything we publish is copyrighted. Having said that, if you want to use excerpts in marketing or educational materials, that’s fine, but please acknowledge Electrical Review. Copying whole stories and posting them to your blog or website without acknowledgement is definitely not acceptable. Please see our terms of use page for more information.