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Lotus debuts 450 kW EV charger that could add 400km in 15 minutes

Lotus debuts 450 kW EV charger that could add 400km in 15 minutes

Lotus has unveiled a new EV charger that is faster than any charger currently available to the public in the UK, boasting speeds of up to 450 kW. 

Currently you won’t find a charger faster than 360 kW at charging stations across the UK, but Lotus wants to change that. It wants to enable even faster speeds, potentially unlocking the ability to add 400km of range in just 15 minutes. 

While it’s not the first time 450 kW chargers have been demonstrated to the public, Siemens showcased its own prototype charging a Porsche in just three minutes back in 2018, but they have yet to be made available to the public at scale. Lotus wants to change that, with its chargers being offered to charging network operators and being fully compatible with any CCS-equipped car. 

Alongside the new 450 kW DC charger, Lotus also unveiled a few other solutions, including: 

Liquid-Cooled Power Cabinet: Tailored for high-demand locations, this modular unit boasts an impressive output of up to 480 kW, ensuring swift and efficient charging.

Liquid-Cooled Charging Unit: This terminal, used in conjunction with the Power Cabinet, can simultaneously charge up to four vehicles, accommodating various charging needs with a maximum current output of 600 Amp.

Liquid-cooling at the core of Lotus’ charging solutions

Liquid-cooled technology is a cornerstone of Lotus’ new EV charging solutions, enhancing the charging process by ensuring speed and efficiency. It works by sending coolant through the charging connector to allow for hotter temperatures, which unlocks the higher charging speeds. 

However, despite the more impressive speeds available, the limitation will still come down to the vehicle plugged into the charger. While it’s possible to add 400 km of range in 15 minutes in a theoretical setting, in reality, the charger will operate on a curve and only hit the maximum charging speeds supported by the car, which for something like the popular Tesla Model 3 is capped out at 170 kW. 

Mike Johnstone, Chief Commercial Officer at Lotus Group, commented on the launch, stating, “Over the past six years, Lotus has been investing in the technology and infrastructure to accelerate the transition to electrification. With our latest offerings, we are making EV ownership more accessible than ever, providing our customers with easy, fast, and efficient charging.”

These advanced charging solutions form part of Lotus’ ambitious Vision80 strategy. This strategy envisions transforming Lotus into a global luxury technology brand by 2028, with a significant focus on electrification.

Alan Wang, Vice-President of Lotus Technology and CEO at Lotus Flash Charge, elaborated on the company’s strategic direction, “As governments worldwide increase investment in electrification, the demand for reliable EV charging infrastructure is at an all-time high. Lotus is at the forefront, developing best-in-class fast charging solutions to meet this growing need.”

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