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SSE Energy Solutions debuts electric HGV charging hub at Tyseley Energy Park

HGV Charging Hub - Birmingham

SSE Energy Solutions is taking a significant step in the electrification of road freight by constructing its inaugural electric charging hub for heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) at Tyseley Energy Park in Birmingham. 

The hub, which marks SSE’s entry into the electric HGV market and is situated conveniently near the busy A45 in the eastern part of Birmingham, is set to accommodate up to four electric HGVs at a time. It will be equipped with 360  kW chargers, capable of delivering up to 300 kilometres of charge within 1-2 hours. Although that will be entirely dependent on the vehicle and battery type.

Considering the current landscape where only 0.3% of HGVs on Britain’s roads are electric, this project emerges as a critical milestone. Especially significant is the fact that diesel-run HGVs, which make up just 5% of vehicles, contribute to 17% of all UK road transport emissions.

SSE says that its strategic partnerships with transport and logistics firms, including the global logistics giant DHL, underscore its commitment to driving the transition to battery-powered HGVs. It notes that these collaborations are vital in propelling the sector towards more sustainable practices.

The company’s broader ambitions include the creation of 500 ultra-rapid charging hubs for electric cars and commercial fleets throughout the UK and Ireland by 2030. Several of these sites are already operational.

Tyseley Energy Park, established in 2010 and owned by the Webster and Horsfall Group, is a beacon of sustainable energy solutions in the UK. It houses the country’s largest hydrogen refuelling station and a 10 MW waste-wood biomass power plant, capable of powering 17,000 homes.

The forthcoming SSE charging hub at Tyseley will not only be functional but also promises to be eco-friendly. It is planned to feature a canopy made from a mix of galvanised steel and sustainable timber and will include a rainwater harvesting system. This system aims to collect surface rainwater for irrigating a living green wall, promoting biodiversity within the site.

Ben Brickwood, EV Project Development Manager at SSE Energy Solutions, commented on the project’s significance: “The development of our first all-electric HGV charging hub at Tyseley Energy Park is a pivotal step for SSE. We’re leveraging our expertise in electrifying bus depots and EV passenger car hubs to advance the decarbonisation of Britain’s transport infrastructure.”

David Horsfall, Director of Property at Tyseley Energy Park, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration: “We are thrilled to have SSE establish their new HGV charging hub at Tyseley Energy Park. This development is a major step in Birmingham’s journey towards clean energy and air quality improvement, enhancing our position as the Green Energy Innovation Quarter.”

This project by SSE Energy Solutions at Tyseley Energy Park is poised to be a significant contributor to the UK’s journey towards a greener, more sustainable transport sector. This is also something we explored in the latest episode of Powered On, which you can listen to on all popular podcasting platforms. 

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