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LEDVANCE’s Nelo Neves discusses the future of the lighting market
Electrical Review sits down with Nelo Neves from LEDVANCE to discuss the future of the lighting market in the UK.
New and improved Inceptor Omni downlight from Ovia
Ovia has taken its Inceptor Omni downlight and made a number of significant improvements to enhance its overall performance.
Knightsbridge presents new innovative LED downlight
LED lighting applications and installations are set to be transformed with the launch of a brand new and innovative downlight from Knightsbridge.
Waste luminaires achieve 83% recyclability rating in Recolight study
Waste luminaires have achieved an impressive 83% recyclability rating in a study commissioned by Recolight.
Ovia adds highbay DALI signal converter
Ovia’s latest new product development focus sees the launch of a DALI signal converter which will add DALI dimming to light fittings.
Knightsbridge piles up lighting ideas with new brick light
The new BL5 brick light from Knightsbridge is here, offering a multitude of lighting solutions for outdoor walls.
UK Government set to expand halogen lighting ban
Inefficient lighting is finally about to get the nail in the coffin it deserves, as the UK eyes up a ban on the sale of halogen light bulbs.
How retrofitted lighting could help local authorities achieve net zero
Just as it will benefit schools, lighting will also be key for public sector organisations looking to improve their energy efficiency.
Lighting improvements needed to boost energy efficiency in UK schools, says Tamlite
In order to improve the energy efficiency of schools in the UK, large scale lighting upgrades will need to be made, according to Tamlite.
Knightsbridge launches new SmartKnight socket, LED downlights
Knightsbridge is launching a range of intelligent wiring accessories and lighting products that can be controlled by its SmartKnight app.