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Powered On: How Signify is lighting the way for sustainable operations

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In this very special episode of Powered On, we’re joined by Stephen Rouatt, the CEO of Signify UK and Ireland. As you can expect from such a collaboration, this episode is all about lighting and its impact on both the environment and consumers’ pockets. 

Signify has gone all-in on achieving a massive reduction in carbon emissions, whether it’s through ditching plastic packaging or by investing heavily in renewables all around the world. The company is keen to see other companies commit to this decarbonisation, with Stephen positive that the UK will achieve its net zero goal.

Renewable power and recyclable packaging aren’t the only ways to reduce your carbon footprint though. Stephen also highlights the importance of LEDs in reducing the impact lighting has on your energy footprint, with further savings coming from smart connected lighting. 

At this time many consumers may not be thinking about investing in LEDs to save carbon emissions, but Stephen highlights how LED lighting can easily pay for itself within just one year thanks to the huge energy savings. 

Listen to the full episode to learn more. Powered On can be found on all popular streaming services or on the BuzzSprout website.

Plus for those of you craving more content from industry experts, be sure to tune in to Powered On Live. You can find more details at the Powered On Live website.

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