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Socomec plans microgrid explainer for Powered On Live 2024

Socomec is set to challenge the conventional perception that microgrids are primarily for rural areas at the upcoming Powered On Live 2024. 

Christophe Albertus, Head of Engineering Design Department at Socomec, will present a session at 11:05am on June 12 to discuss the contemporary use of microgrids and their broader potential beyond just rural electrification.

Traditionally designed to supply power to rural developments, microgrids now have capabilities that extend their use to various settings. Albertus will detail how these systems can be implemented in diverse environments during his talk.

For those interested in learning more about the versatile applications of microgrids or in attending the event, registration details are available on the Powered On Live website.

Additionally, Electrical Review will have all the details regarding the other sessions and panels available at Powered On Live 2024 as we count down to the event on June 12-13, 2024. 

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