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Powered On Live 2024: What’s next for the UK’s transmission network?

Powered On Live 2024 is set to explore the big changes that are occurring in the UK’s electrical market, with an overhaul to the aging transmission network set to play a major role during the two day event. 

On June 12, Powered On Live will present a panel discussing the future of the UK’s transmission network. This panel is especially important in 2024, with National Grid committing to a major overhaul of the network, and Octopus Energy contemplating building a competing network

The panel includes Amir Cohen, Co-Founder & CEO of Electrical Grid Monitoring, and Phil Thompson, CEO of Balance Power. They will explore the technologies that are impacting the changing grid, as well as the investment that will be required to deliver what the UK needs. 

Powered On Live 2024, now in its fourth year, will host this panel among many other sessions, which you can learn all about over the coming days here on Electrical Review as we countdown to June 12, 2024. 

For those wishing to register to attend Powered On Live 2024, registrations are open now at the Powered On Live website.

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