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Aggreko ups investment in energy storage, targets European expansion

Aggreko has announced an increase in its investment in mobile battery energy storage solutions (BESS) to approximately $200 million. 

The investment from Aggreko aims to enhance the accessibility of advanced battery technology for various industries, supporting their efforts to achieve net zero targets, with companies in Europe set to benefit greatly. That’s because Aggreko plans to allocate a significant portion of this increased investment to expand its European BESS fleet. 

As part of its Greener Upgrades initiative, Aggreko introduced a larger fleet of BESS across Europe in 2023, including small, mid-sized, and large units. This initiative, which saw over $140 million invested in Europe last year, also includes new steam boilers, Stage V generators, battery storage, oil-free air compressors, and chillers.

Aggreko says that its Greener Upgrades initiative supports energy-intensive sectors, including manufacturing, data centres, petrochemical, utilities, and construction. It provides these sectors with temporary, efficient, and environmentally friendly solutions to help them reduce emissions and transition towards more sustainable energy practices. These solutions offer organisations the flexibility to balance power usage and integrate more renewable energy into their operations.

Rodrigo Salim, Head of Product Line – Battery & Energy Storage at Aggreko, commented, “Energy storage is set to be a critical component of the energy transition. Yet many organisations in energy-intensive industries may not have the capital, infrastructure, or skills in place to introduce the technology overnight. Like all new technologies, there is always the risk of which one to choose. At Aggreko, our sectorised approach enables us to really understand customers’ challenges and help them select the best solution without the risk of capital investment.”

According to Aggreko, increased investment in an enhanced BESS fleet will not only help reduce emissions and lower NOx and fuel consumption across a wide range of applications but also address capacity constraints and provide off-grid power resilience. Both of these are of increasing concern for many European and UK power consumers, especially in the wake of the Ukrainian war. 

Rodrigo added, “Many industries are making their transition to renewable power, and within that must balance intermittency and the skills gap. By consulting closely with customers and providing greener solutions like BESS in a rental capacity, we can help unlock opportunities for our customers so they can scale up their own decarbonisation efforts.”

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