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Playing the balancing act between renewable energy and grid reliability

How can we balance the integration of renewable energy with the need for grid reliability? This question was at the forefront of a recent panel session, now available on demand from the Powered On: Engineering a Sustainable Future event.

Moderator Tom Faulkner, Head of Assets & Infrastructure at Cornwall Insight, led a compelling discussion with Phil Thompson, CEO of Balance Power; Emilis Srage, Product Manager at Electron; and Dr. Thomas Verghese, Technical Manager at Enersys. The panelists delved into the pressing challenges and innovative solutions in renewable energy deployment and grid management.

Phil Thompson highlighted the efforts of Balance Power in developing renewable and flexible energy projects, emphasising the need for behind-the-meter solutions to help businesses reduce costs and decarbonise while easing grid stress. Emilis Srage discussed Electron’s flexibility market platform, which helps distribution and transmission system operators procure and optimise flexibility services. Dr. Thomas Verghese shared insights from Enersys on enhancing substation resilience with advanced energy storage solutions.

The panel also tackled the importance of flexibility in managing grid congestion and the role of local energy generation and storage in achieving a cost-effective and reliable energy system.

For a deeper dive into this session and more, you can view the full recording above. Further sessions from Powered On: Engineering a Sustainable Future will be available on Electrical Review in the coming days.

To stay ahead of the trends shaping the electrical industry, don’t miss Powered On Live, returning in June with a comprehensive agenda featuring key experts from across the sector.

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