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How AI is transforming the electrical grid with Exodigo’s Bret Simon

Discover how AI is being used on the electrical grid in a must-watch session from the recent Powered On: Engineering a Sustainable Future event. 

Bret Simon, Strategic Business Development lead at Exodigo, explores the pivotal role of AI in enhancing grid efficiency, reliability, and sustainability.

Simon delves into how AI-driven technologies are addressing the challenges of modernising the grid, improving predictive maintenance, and optimizing energy distribution. With AI’s ability to provide real-time data analysis and advanced underground mapping, utilities can avoid costly construction mistakes and reduce environmental impact.

For a deeper dive into this session and more, you can view the full recording above. Further sessions from Powered On: Engineering a Sustainable Future will be available on Electrical Review in the coming days.

To stay ahead of the trends shaping the electrical industry, don’t miss Powered On Live, returning in June with a comprehensive agenda featuring key experts from across the sector.

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