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How smart grids and the IoT are revolutionising energy management

How can smart grids and IoT revolutionise energy management? That was the question at the heart of a recent panel session at Powered On: Engineering a Sustainable Future, which is now available to watch on demand.

Moderator Matthew Lumsden, CEO of Connected Energy, led the discussion with Paul Beck, Director of Gridkey and Innovation at Lucy Electric, and Mark Potter, CTO of 3ti Energy Hubs. The panel delved into how IoT is enabling smart grids to become more intelligent and responsive, addressing key issues such as grid load management and the integration of renewable energy sources.

Paul Beck shared Lucy Electric’s insights in low voltage distribution and monitoring systems, essential for adapting to changing load profiles and ensuring grid stability. Mark Potter highlighted 3ti Energy Hubs’ pioneering work in EV charging infrastructure, solar generation, and energy storage, showcasing how these technologies can harmonise consumer needs with grid demands.

For a deeper dive into this session and more, you can view the full recording above. Further sessions from Powered On: Engineering a Sustainable Future will be available on Electrical Review in the coming days.

To stay ahead of the trends shaping the electrical industry, don’t miss Powered On Live, returning in June with a comprehensive agenda featuring key experts from across the sector. 

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