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Powered On Live 2023: Could hydrogen help data centres decarbonise?

Hydrogen Data Centre Powered On Live 2023

Decarbonisation is set to be a key theme at Powered On Live 2023, with one session in particular looking at the potential of hydrogen in decarbonising data centres. 

Recently you may have read about hydrogen fuel cell technology being a future possibility for data centres around the world as part of Electrical Review’s 150th Anniversary Edition, we wanted to expand on that topic for attendees at Powered On Live 2023. 

Dr Gokce Mete, Senior Manager, Hydrogen & Industry Transition at South Pole, will help give attendees a 101 on everything they need to know about the development of hydrogen – a fuel source that could supercharge our journey to net zero. 

While hydrogen has been mooted for electric vehicles, their real potential could lie in offering backup and primary power systems for data centres. This could help decarbonise a data centre at the same time as reducing its reliance on the grid, which is a big issue for countries such as Ireland, which criticise the roll-out of data centres for putting strain on the energy grid. 

You’ll be able to catch Gokce Mete’s session on June 15 at 11:35am. To ensure you don’t miss out, register to attend Powered On Live 2023 for free here

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