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Powered On Live 2023: Could energy storage provide the grid with the resilience it needs?

Powered On Live 2023 Energy Storage Panel

Powered On Live returns tomorrow with an exciting line-up of panel sessions and expert speakers who will be exploring the topics that matter most to the electrical industry. 

We’ve already explored the various topics that will be on offer at Powered On Live 2023 over the past week here on Electrical Review. Now, we’re finishing our coverage by highlighting the final panel session that you can attend – one that will discuss whether energy storage can provide the grid with the resilience it needs. 

There will be a little bit of a theme on day two of Powered On Live 2023, with things kicking off after the break to detail the many ways that we can help the grid build in flexibility so that it can deal with an increasingly intermittent source of power. It’ll start with V2X, followed by data centres leveraging hydrogen, while it’ll finish with a panel session discussing energy storage. 

The panel will be stacked with some of the industry’s foremost experts on the subject, including Francisco de Leon, Professor of Electrical Engineering, New York University and Fellow, IEEE; Nikki Pillinger, Specialist Connections Manager, Roadnight Taylor; and Dr. Thomas Verghese, Business Development Manager, EnerSys, while it will be chaired by Jonty Haynes, Principal Analyst, Regen, who joined us for Powered On Live 2022. 

Speaker spotlight: Francisco de Leon

Francisco de Leon currently works as a Professor with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, New York University. His research interests include the analysis of power phenomena under non-sinusoidal conditions, the transient and steady-state analyses of power systems, the thermal rating of cables and transformers, and the calculation of electromagnetic fields applied to machine design and modelling. 

Speaker spotlight: Nikki Pillinger

Nikki is one of the most respected and well-liked individuals in the connections community.

Since achieving an MSc in Energy Policy from the University of Exeter, Nikki has worked in the energy industry for eight years, with five of those as a grid connection specialist. Most recently she has headed up the grid connections function at GRIDSERVE, where she managed connections for all its EV charging forecourts and utility-scale renewables projects.

Prior to GRIDSERVE, Nikki spent three years at British Solar Renewables – where she headed up the grid team managing its connections for a diverse range of solar and storage installations.

As well as spearheading the origination, safeguarding, de-risking, project-management and energisation of a large number of connections, Nikki has led the grid oversight in a significant volume of both project acquisitions and project sales. She knows how to make an attractive connection, and the costly pitfalls to avoid.

Speaker spotlight: Dr. Thomas Verghese

Thomas Verghese is an energy storage industry expert with almost 30 years’ of experience and is currently working as the Business Development Manager at EnerSys in the UK. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Physics at the University of Sussex, his Master of Science in Material Science and, subsequently, his Doctorate from the University of Manchester. Tom’s background includes Engineering and Technical application support expertise. He is knowledgeable in energy storage systems selection, specification writing, and maintenance.

Tom has been actively involved in the development of several battery products, including Lithium-based solutions for use in hazardous environments and Lead-based batteries for heavy-duty vehicles, and he has written numerous papers and presented at various industry-related conferences over the years.

Chair spotlight: Jonty Haynes

Jonty Haynes is a Principal Analyst at Regen, focusing on the future of energy as the UK looks to decarbonise over the coming decades.

He currently leads Regen’s ‘Distribution Future Energy Scenarios’ analysis for electricity and gas distribution networks in England, Scotland and Wales, assessing the uptake and impact of decarbonising power, heat, transport and industry at both national, regional and local levels. This includes analysing the ever-growing pipeline of storage projects looking to connect to the grid, and the potential business models for energy storage in a rapidly decarbonising energy system.

Jonty also led Regen’s ‘A Day in the Life 2035’ project with National Grid ESO, investigating challenging winter and summer days in a net zero power system in 2035 as part of the ESO’s Bridging the Gap workstream. This highlighted the role of low carbon power supply from nuclear, renewables, storage and interconnection, the necessity of demand-side flexibility from EVs, electric heat and industry, the operability solutions needed to keep the system stable, and the infrastructure and market frameworks required for the system to operate efficiently, effectively, and equitably.

The panel will officially kick off at 12:05pm on June 15, 2023, and it’s one that you won’t want to miss. 

Powered On Live 2023 is already turning out to be stacked full of interesting sessions covering the length and breadth of the electrical industry. Kicking off the whole event will be Dr Dan Atzori from Cornwall Insight, who will deliver the day one keynote, while the ECA’s Andrew Eldred will kick off day two

To ensure you don’t miss out on Powered On Live 2023, which takes place June 14-15, you can register for the event now by clicking here.

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