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Powered On Live 2023: Is V2X the missing piece in grid flexibility?

V2X Powered On Live

Powered On Live 2023 is just days away, and this week we’re continuing our preview of the various sessions that are on offer during the two day virtual event. Kicking off this week, we’re highlighting a session dedicated to V2X – also known as Vehicle to Everything. 

It’s commonly accepted that the grid is going to need to build in some flexibility to deal with intermittent renewables, and many will argue exactly what that flexibility will look like. 

Some, like the UK Government, will argue that nuclear power is needed to provide a baseload, although according to a recent Gossage Gossip that’s a load of old cobblers. Alternatively, you could use demand side response, whereby you reduce demand to deal with intermittency. There’s also static energy storage that could store power for when it’s needed, or as is going to be discussed during this session you could use Vehicle to Everything technology to deal with it. 

We’ll be joined by Rolf Bienert, Managing & Technical Director at OpenADR Alliance, who will give us all the details surrounding the benefits of V2X and how it could be used to help give the grid flexibility. Additionally, there are some benefits that end-users could reap from using V2X technology. 

This is a hot topic within the electrical industry, with Tesla CEO Elon Musk also having a strong opinion on the subject. That’s why it’s one to not be missed. 

You can catch Rolf’s session on ‘V2X: How EVs could be the missing piece in grid flexibility’ on day two of Powered On Live 2023, June 15. He’ll be live from 11:05am. Just make sure to register to get the link – you can register for free here

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