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Omicron releases Test Universe 4.20 for effective protection relay testing

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Omicron has announced the release of the latest version of its software for settings-based testing of protection relays, dubbed Test Universe 4.20. 

Function-specific test modules graphically display relay characteristics, and thus allow the user to easily check settings as well as mode of operation. The Test Universe 4.20 software offers fully automated protection testing with a library of relay-specific test plans (PTL) and automatic adaptation to relay settings.

 Test Universe 4.20 offers various improvements over previous versions and implements several customer requirements. These include:

  • Advanced Power module: input options for entering criteria for automatic ramp assessment have been extended and simplified; allows the usage of all binary inputs; Power View displays the trip during ramping in the diagram
  • Improved ease of use of all Power and Distance modules due to dynamic ribbon
  • Client Server module: full control of all binary outputs of the CMC
  • Advanced Transplay: Delay time compensation of external amplifiers
  • Tolerances in Overcurrent module have been aligned with the standard IEC 60255-151
  • Permanent ADMO light license: integrates the full ADMO standalone functionality for central planning and management of up to 50 assets as well as an unlimited number of test sets.

You can download the new software version from Omicron’s Customer Portal (for registered users) via

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