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CP introduces new family of high-level lighting controls aimed at industrial premises

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CP Electronics Presence Sensor

The new family of high bay presence detectors from CP Electronics provides enhanced energy savings through precise light control and long-range detection capability.

Available with multi pyro detection components, specifically positioned in combination with a multi-faceted lens design ensures a vast detection range.

With a mounting height ranging from 5m to 20m, the 360° detection coverage remains best in its category, with a detection range diameter of 30m for walk towards, and 40m for walk across when mounted at a height of 15m.

The in-built five pyro design ensures detection of small movements, waving arms and nodding head, with no compromise on design.

This ensures a steady, consistent and reliable performance so that uniform sensitivity is maintained within the detection range during presence or absence mode, with no blank spots in the detection zone.

With the light sensor positioned in a specifically designed housing outside of the detection lens, the light detection capability is optimised.

With a field of view of 60°, light is detected from all possible directions including the reflected light from surfaces, allowing better interpretation of the available amount of natural light in the environment.

External positioning of the communication inputs also aids in better reception from the commissioning remote control up to a maximum mounting height of 20m, thus easing the setup and testing time.

The associated, high performance software has been designed for varied and multiple functions to aid in flexible environment design and control.

The new software provides flexibility to the users with the aid of the UNLCDHS programming handset to design an optimal environment in the respective workspaces.

With the option of multiple function configuration, it is more user-friendly and acts as an intelligent and independent energy control device.

For example, the choice between presence and absence detection for different spaces can make a big difference in ease of use and the amount of energy used.

Absence detection optimises energy usage even further as its only job is to automatically switch the lights off. The user chooses to switch the lights on if they wish to via the use of a manual switch, whereas presence detection switches the lights on and off automatically.

The range includes three variants in the multi pyro option: EBDHS-B-PRM-MP (lux switching), EBDHS-B-DD-MP (DALI dimming) and EBDHS-B-AD-MP (analogue dimming 1-10V).

For a more cost-effective solution in areas requiring slightly less range, there are also single pyro versions: EBDHS-B-PRM, EBDHS-B-DD, and EBDHS-B-AD.

All controls in the new range from CP Electronics can be easily and rapidly installed, recommissioned and adapted to changes with minimal disruption, which is extremely important in an industrial space that will probably be in constant use.

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