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A powerful collaboration at Portsmouth University

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Borri has played an integral role in the £2.25million development of Portsmouth University’s new modular data centre facility. The leading Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solutions provider was commissioned by award winning data centre and IT infrastructures specialist, Sudlows to supply three B9000FXS 300kVA UPS systems.

Faced with tough competition and following a rigorous tender process, involving exhaustive performance and efficiency tests, Borri’s UPS solutions came out as the perfect solution. The results demonstrated that Borri’s advanced B9000FXS systems not only deliver superior reliability and impressive efficiency savings but their sophisticated design also proved well suited to the innovative layout and structure of the University’s new data hall.


Utilising the very latest technologies, Sudlows engineered a unique air cooling solution, which has been proven using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) – a sophisticated simulation tool which analyses air flow to show how the room could be naturally cooled. Portsmouth University is now benefiting from a green, efficient, natural cooling solution, which extracts hot air out through extractor fans and draws cool air in through a ventilated wall and directly cools the UPS systems.

Designed to deliver industry leading performance and a 0.9 power factor, Borri’s B9000FXS UPS units achieve up to 95.5% efficiency online. This online double conversion UPS solution also incorporates an ECO mode function achieving up to 98% efficiency. The addition of easy front access for easy maintenance makes them a firm favourite in data centres of all different sizes.

Positioned in a 600kVA N+1 configuration to ensure maximum protection against any mains failure, the three B9000FXS UPS systems were installed at Portsmouth University by Borri Ltd’s skilled in-house team of engineers.

Commenting on Borri’s service, Sudlows’ global director, Andy Hirst said: “The feedback from Portsmouth University about Borri has been very positive. They found Borri’s team to be professional at all times and impressed with their product knowledge. From our end, liaising with Borri has been seamless. They have exceeded our high expectations in both the all round service they have provided and also in the quality of their UPS systems. As a vendor neutral organisation, Sudlows has the flexibility to always select the best solution for each unique project and were impressed with Borri’s latest power technology.”

It has taken the greatest brains in power management and data centre facility design to deliver the smooth migration of the University’s existing data centre to the new modular facility. The now highly efficient, integrated site protects data for over 23,000 students and has been designed to meet future IT demands, whilst maintaining the same levels of resilience and efficiency.

This is just one of the many data centre projects that Borri has worked on. Unlike many other UPS companies, Borri is much more than just a product supplier – it is a total solutions provider. With a forward thinking approach Borri strongly advocates outside the box thinking and in the case of cooling, encourages its customers to explore opportunities which will gain additional efficiency and save costs in additional cooling applications.

With close relationships with a number of infrastructure specialists like Sudlows, Borri has vast experience in working through innovative solutions, ensuring that due diligence is always completed to guarantee that the selected UPS solution will operate at its correct temperature, thus prolonging its lifespan.

Committed to continuous design and development of its back-up power solutions, Borri is at the forefront of UPS technologies. For more information about this solution or to find out about Borri’s extensive range of UPS products and services please call 0800 136 993 or visit






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