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Transforming the industry – Electrical Review turns the spotlight on the family firm taking the transformer industry up a level

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One of Europe’s biggest manufacturers of high and low voltage distribution equipment has announced major expansion plans for 2014

After seeing business flourish over the past two years, British firm Bowers Electricals will not only complete a redevelopment of its Derbyshire headquarters this spring, but will unveil a pioneering new product that is set to revolutionise energy saving in the industry.

After investing four years in its design and development, the Bowers Intellivolt will launch at April’s Nemex show at Birmingham NEC.

The patent pending device, which is the result of a collaboration with leading voltage optimisation manufacturer iVolt, sees the two companies’ cutting-edge technologies combined to produce the greatest efficiency savings to date.


Bowers Electricals’ managing director, Michael Bowers, said: “2012 and 2013 were excellent years for Bowers Electricals, with a series of major projects undertaken for customers, and also the beginnings of a major expansion at our headquarters in Heanor. We’re looking to build on this in 2014 and we’re all incredibly excited to see the Intellivolt project come to fruition. The product is different to anything currently available on the market and we’re already receiving enquiries.”

Making the BEST better

The Intellivolt will not be the only addition to the growing Bowers Electricals range. The company, which was formed in 1947 and is one of the only British manufacturers of power, distribution and low loss transformers, already offers a super-efficient ‘BEST’ range, which can reduce a client’s transformer losses by up to 46%, compared to standard transformers, and offers an impressive average return on investment of just 2.5-3 years.

It now plans to bolster its BEST offering with an additional range of amorphous core transformers.

Technical director Denis Nesbitt explained: “Compared with most conventional steel products, amorphous core transformers can offer slightly greater energy savings if they have the right load profile but in most cases they are also physically much larger and can therefore be difficult to accommodate on certain sites or as replacements. With our BEST range we have overcome this problem by using the very highest quality copper and core steel that money can buy and by focusing on the load losses, rather than the no-load losses. This has enabled us to achieve ROI savings that are comparable.

“Sales of the BEST range have been incredibly strong as a result and, in turn, have enabled us to invest in the research and development of some exciting new technologies. Among these is the idea of integrating voltage optimisation and we’re also now working on plans to add an amorphous core range that will provide another effective alternative solution for customers.”

Why choose Bowers?

Proudly designing – and crucially still manufacturing – here in Britain, where expertise and cutting edge engineering are world-renowned, Bowers Electricals boasts a prestigious list of clients from across the public and private sectors, right through to heavy industrial power projects.

The team has worked on projects across all industry sectors and everywhere from the HQ of Rolls Royce and historic houses such as Chatsworth, to large scale power stations, government buildings, airports, hospitals, schools and universities, supermarkets, major retailers and hotels.

Its vast portfolio also includes many new renewable energy projects encompassing wind, gas and solar energy.

Since its beginnings four generations ago as an electric motor and transformer rewinding business, Bowers Electricals has championed the use of British materials and suppliers whenever possible. Today the same ethos applies as the team designs and manufactures distribution and power transformers up to 25MVA at 33000V, in Heanor, Derbyshire.

As well as project management and large scale developments, since 2012 Bowers Electricals has also teamed up with strategic partners in order to procure and manage the supply and installation of a number of much larger power transformers as well as carrying out the overhaul and repair of large scale customer-owned units.

Still managed day-to-day by the Bowers family that set it up, the company is now part of the Bowers Group of Companies which turns over in excess of £12 million a year and employs 80 personnel.

At its newly expanded headquarters in Derbyshire, its stock reserves are large enough to ensure the shortest possible lead-time. And a round-the-clock after-sales support service is backed up by an in-house design team meaning that customers can not only speak to the man with his name above the door, but the men and women who designed and built their very equipment. 

Intellivolt – two technologies, one solution

The Bowers Intellivolt reduces the carbon footprint and electricity bills of sites on which it is installed by integrating – for the first time ever – a super low loss distribution transformer with voltage optimisation technology. By offering two technologies in one solution, the Intellivolt not only offers maximum savings, but also reduces installation costs, cabling, losses and maintenance issues. Unlike any other transformer on the market, it also incorporates iVolt’s patented Intelligent Real Time Energy Monitor technology, which enables users to pinpoint savings remotely, and in real time.

It’s the perfect solution for HV connected customers who own their own distribution transformer as the installation of a separate VO unit can be costly, take up valuable space, and means more equipment to maintain. Even if the transformer in question is one of the latest super low loss types, with all the attendant benefits – including the ability to drop the voltage by a fixed amount via a tap changer – further savings are possible with the addition of voltage optimisation technology.

The Bowers Intellivolt will be unveiled at Nemex – part of the Sustainability Live show at Birmingham NEC, from April 1-3. In the meantime, expressions of interest are being sought and more information is available by contacting Bowers on 01773 531531.

For more information, or a free site survey, telephone Bowers Electricals on 01773 531531, email or visit

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