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Interest-free loans to help organisations save energy

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Companies planning to invest in specific energy-saving technologies have until 31 December to apply for an interest-free loan from EMSc (UK), manufacturer of the Powerstar voltage optimisation solution. Managing director, Dr Alex Mardapittas, explains what is on offer and outlines the energy savings available


EMSc has secured £50m funding to be made available to public and private sector companies investing in one or more of the three top energy-saving techniques as identified in recent reports prepared by the NHS Sustainable Development Unit and St George’s University. Key analysis from both reports is outlined in a document prepared by McKinsey & Company – version 2.1 of the ‘global greenhouse gas abatement cost curve’.

Voltage optimisation, LED lighting and variable speed drives are proven to provide the highest energy savings and payback across a range of sites, delivering a return on investment within a five-year period. Five years is also the interest-free loan period offered by EMSc, making this an attractive investment package for companies keen to reduce their impact on the environment, as well as cutting energy consumption and costs.

Voltage optimisation

It is no surprise that voltage optimisation has been acknowledged as one of the most cost effective ways for organisations to save on energy costs. Like many ingenious ideas, it is based on a very simple concept; the voltage supplied to buildings by the National Grid is, on average, 242V while the optimum rating for all electrical devices throughout the UK and Europe is just 220V – a clear and expensive discrepancy both in terms of financial outlay and the environmental cost. Voltage optimisation systems employ a device in series with the mains electricity supply to reduce the voltage coming into a site to an optimum level. This gives three key benefits: it cuts electricity bills, reduces carbon emissions and extends the life of electrical devices by evening out potentially damaging spikes and dips in power delivery.

Proven savings of, on average, 12-15% on electricity consumption have been demonstrated using EMSc’s range of Powerstar voltage optimisation products which are fully researched, developed, sourced and manufactured in the UK. The units can be installed in a matter of hours with a payback period of usually less than five years. To achieve maximum benefits, however, each site needs to be considered individually to produce a tailored engineered solution appropriate to that situation.

There are two main types of system on the market: fixed and electronic-dynamic – also referred to as variable. A building that has a stable incoming voltage supply which is still over and above the optimum rating for electrical devices, requires a fixed voltage optimisation system. Sites with critical equipment, high night loads and greater security requirements will benefit from an electronic-dynamic system such as Powerstar MAX which ensures that voltage is supplied at a constant level regardless of how unstable the incoming voltage is. 

New generation of technology

The newest technology in the Powerstar stable is Powerstar HV MAX, a super low loss transformer which combines with Powerstar MAX to give increased average combined savings of 17%. This latest innovation, developed specifically for sites with their own transformers, takes voltage optimisation one step further by optimising a building’s voltage supply before it is distributed.

The Powerstar voltage optimisation system has been installed in thousands of varying sites worldwide. Savings are guaranteed and, in over a decade of installations, Powerstar has recorded no failures and provides 100% reliability and security.

With the rising cost of energy in the news on an almost daily basis, this kind of security is paramount to organisations needing to manage their energy spend and take measures to reduce energy consumption wherever possible.  This package of interest-free loans will help companies to do just this as well as contributing to the UK’s sustainability targets.

All applications for the carbon reduction funding must be made through EMSc by 31 December 2013 and will be subject to status and approval. Organisations can install one or more of the technologies identified in the McKinsey & Company report with a loan that is interest free for up to five years. To download a funding application, go to or call 01142 576200.

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