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Predict Faults and Protect Data Centre Power Systems with Bender Smart Monitoring Units

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Data centre power distribution systems can be more effectively protected against sudden and unforeseen failure by a new range of power quality monitoring equipment available from Bender UK.

The Linetraxx power quality monitoring (PQM) units are available alongside Bender’s residual current monitoring (RCM) units and advanced on-line earth fault location systems to monitor power systems. Bender systems are designed to predict and give advanced warning of unexpected interruption of power supply, while addressing risks ranging from reduced service life and increased energy consumption through to fires in cabling.


Bender Linetraxx PQM units ensure high availability and a power supply free from interference which can be caused by frequency converters, switched-mode power supplies, uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS) and electronic ballasts.

Resulting issues can range from voltage fluctuation to distortion of power system frequencies – causing the power supply to become ‘dirty’.  Systems interactions can also produce interference in neighbouring equipment.

The most frequent problems are caused by ‘harmonic components’ on the electrical supply which can cause an overload; that in turn triggers a safety device which shuts down the system resulting in reduced availability due to frequent downtime.

Power quality monitoring is particularly effective when combined with Bender’s range of RCM units which detect degradation in the level of insulation in an installation or component – improving availability by signalling the problem at an early stage before safety shutdown.

Early detection of potentially dangerous situations allows enough time to correct problems – perhaps by load shedding – without the need to shut down equipment.

Information gained from the early warning of developing faults allows shutdowns to be planned, enhancing asset uptime and making it ideal for applications in data centres where power failure can be costly and disruptive. (310)

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