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Leading From The Front: Data Centre Protection and Efficiency

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Leading From The Front: Data Centre Protection and Efficiency

Back-up power solutions are the most critical infrastructure devices in data centres, where any interruption to electrical supply could cost businesses hundreds of thousands of pounds per hour in lost revenues and productivity.

Borri Ltd has been at the forefront of cutting edge back-up power technologies for over eight decades and as a globally established leading Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) specialist it is proud to be able to offer the widest range of reliable UPS systems in Europe.

The company’s extensive range of 60kVA to 6MVA UPS solutions have been borne out of pioneering engineering disciplines and first-class manufacturing practices. All of Borri’s UPS systems have been designed with power protection as their primary role but are also capable of achieving industry leading efficiency levels. Borri’s experience of the data centre market is second to none, which enables it to offer a unique and fully integrated approach from build design conceptualisation through to engineering specification, installation management and even site finishing and carpet laying!

This in-depth involvement in every aspect of a data centre’s build means that Borri has been able to develop its UPS solutions for a wide range of back-up power requirements for both large data centre facilities and smaller data centre hubs. With data centre managers requiring even more flexibility than ever, Borri has recently launched one of the most efficient and technologically advanced UPS systems on the market. Modular and scalable, The Primacy has been designed exclusively by Borri S.p.A and is a transformer free 60 – 100kVA back up power solution which can achieve efficiency levels of up to 99.5% Complementing this ultra-high efficiency solution, Borri’s three phase UPS equipment comes with a sophisticated Smart OnLine mode (SOL), which cleverly monitors the quality of power supplied, and chooses the most efficient operating mode based on the environmental conditions at the time and can achieve efficiency levels of up to 99 percent.

Borri prides itself on being at the forefront of UPS technology and its experience in UPS design and the industries in which they are utilised has made Borri one of world’s most recognised brands in back-up power technologies.

Borri Named as Primary UPS Supplier for Everest Data Centres

Scope of the project

Privately owned data centre owner and operator, Everest Data Centres’ latest venture to develop a 50,000sqft co-location facility located in the heart of the Thames Valley had very specific N+N configuration requirements.

Everest Data Centres also specified that it would need the flexibility for an optional scalable 2N+1 configuration to support the predicted growth of the site.

The facility will be suitable for organisations requiring co-location space from a single rack to a bespoke and dedicated entire data hall. Recognised for its industry leading reputation for delivering the most efficient and resilient UPS solutions on the market, Borri was invited to put forward its recommendations to Everest Data Centres.

Borri’s recommendations

Borri put forward a comprehensive performance evaluation of its high performance transformerbased, UPS solution which can be configured to operate in double conversion or energy saver mode depending on Everest client requirements. This analysis enabled Everest Data Centres to evaluate Borri’s systems against competing ones.

Borri B9600FXS 60-300kVA / B9600FXS 400-800kVA (6.4MVA Scalable)


  • Transformer based
  • IGBT Input
  • Achieves over 95% efficiency
  • Certified by TÜV Nord
  • Italian design and manufactured


Despite many end users still regarding transformer-based UPS solutions running on-line double conversion as the most resilient, many UPS manufacturers have moved away from this type of production to reduce production costs. However, Borri is one of the remaining few companies still able to offer this solution and has supplied and installed over 50MVA of B9000FXS and B9600FXS UPS systems to the UK since 2009. The innovative design of Borri’s B9600FXS range is one of the most technologically advanced UPS’ of its kind.

Borri Primacy – 60-100kVA


  • Transformer Free
  • IGBT Input
  • Achieves 99.5% efficiency
  • Italian design and manufactured


The newest addition to Borri’s product offering has been designed for the micro data centre and scalable sites. With three modes of operation, it has also recently achieved record breaking efficiency levels of 99.5% at half load.

Everest Data Centres’ Decision

Following a detailed review of both Borri’s options and other comparable systems, Everest Data Centres opted for Borri’s transformer based B9600FXS UPS units for their ability to achieve the perfect balance of efficiency and availability. Everest Data Centres felt the B9600FXS would be better suited for its site environment than the alternative Primacy option as it provides the best of both worlds – ultimate resilience and a superior level of efficiency.

Current project status

The first phase of the 6.5MVA data centre has the potential to house up to 1000 rack footprints, capable of supporting rack power densities up to 35kW with separate A+B power supplies.

Borri has so far been commissioned to supply 10 ultra-high efficiency B9600FXS units, which make up a total of 4MVA. Notorious within the data centre industry for being the most efficient solutions on the market Borri’s B9600FXS UPS systems are also suitable for almost any type of load accepting a power factor (PF) of either 0.9 leading or 0.9 lagging.

This superior flexibility ensures that the units can achieve high efficiency even at low loads, which is essential for any new data centre running on a dual corded A+B configuration. This formation will deliver complete redundancy at all times, removing any single points of failure from the co-location site.



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