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Product Spotlight: The UPSL PowerWAVE 6000

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With an escalating number of applications being classified as ‘business-critical’ –combined with the growth of other strategic IT trends such as mobile devices, server virtualization and cloud computing – the requirement for total reliability from power support equipment is unequivocal. Equally, in these challenging times, and with constant technological and legislative developments, the need to take active steps to manage organizational resources and control operational costs is a universal concern.

With the requirements to support the data centre infrastructures of today and tomorrow in mind, Uninterruptible Power Supplies Limited (UPSL), a Kohler company, developed a portfolio of innovative and highly efficient transformerless UPS solutions, including its flagship data centreproduct, the PowerWAVE 6000.


Intended to deliver the optimal balance between energy efficiency, availability and power performance, the PowerWAVE 6000 range is available in both 400 and 500 kVA power ratings and parallelable to 5 MVA. Compared to equivalent UPS systems of a similar capacity, the PowerWAVE 6000 dramatically reduces the overall physical footprint, with a power density up to 363 kW/m2. The UPS also consumes less energy and generates lower CO2 emissions than its rivals – giving the PowerWAVE 6000 one of the lowest environmental impacts on the market and providing significant overall cost savings.

The new PowerWAVE 6000 has been specifically designed to meet the growing power protection demands of mission critical applications within the data centre,IT, telecommunications and financial services sectors and boasts features and options which reflect current and predicted industry needs.

High efficiency

With a transformerless design and the Energy Saving Inverter Switching (ESIS) technology, PowerWAVE 6000 delivers best-in-class efficiency at both partial and fully rated loads (up to 96%). This level of efficiency dramatically reduces the UPS’s total cost of ownership throughout its life cycle. In addition, to lower operating costs, the PowerWAVE 6000 has been designed to extend battery run times and the life of components. A truly eco-friendly solution for mission critical applications.

Key benefits:

• Single unit capacities from 60 kVA to 500 kVA

• Capacity up to 5 megawatts (5MVA) from 10 units in parallel

• Power density of up to 363 kW/m2

• Integral batteries up to 100 kVA

• High efficiency and minimum cost of ownership

• Low input harmonic distortion:THDi = 3.5% @ 100% load

• Near to unity input power factor of 0.99

• Fully rated output power (Blade Friendly)

• Full front access maximizes system serviceability

• Transformerless design

• Top cable entry available

Integral batteries

PowerWAVE 6000 allows the freedom to tailor the battery installation to the requirements of the critical load at the lowest possible cost. It enables each battery configuration to match the required autonomy. It has integrated enclosures to accommodate batteries for 60, 80 and 100 kVA and is compatible with a wide range of battery autonomies.

Running costs are further reduced by ripple-free and temperature controlled chargers that protect batteries and extend life-time performance. Front access also aids easy installation and servicing.

Highest load availability

PowerWAVE 6000 incorporates redundant critical circuits (RCC) to effectively eliminate all single points of failure, and provides class leading system reliability and load availability.PowerWAVE 6000 UPS can also be paralleled, up to 5 MVA, to provide even higher levels of load availability and/or redundancy.

Improved input performance

PowerWAVE 6000 manages the Total Input Harmonic Distortion (THDi) at a low level (3.5% at 100% load). It does this by neutralising the emission of harmonics at the input of the UPS.

Low harmonic distortion saves unnecessary over-sizing of generators, cabling and ancillary equipment (such as circuit breakers), avoids extra heating of input transformers (thus wasting less energy) and extends the lifetime of all input components.

High efficiency is further enhanced by removing any requirement for additional phase compensating devices.

Save on floor space

PowerWAVE 6000’s class leading power density (up to 250 kW/m2) dramatically reduces the overall footprint of the UPS to 0.41 m2 (up to 100 kVA) and 0.82 m2 (up to 300 kVA). As a result, substantial and valuable space savings are achieved even at the highest power ratings.

For data centres in particular, this helps to maximise floor space for revenue earning servers.

Reliable, cost effective, critical power protection

Up to 10 independent PowerWAVE 6000 units can be connected in parallel to provide additional capacity (up to 5 MVA) or N +1 redundancy for mission critical systems. In a parallel configuration, each unit operates independently but is securely synchronised with the other units.

This flexible scalability lowers capital commitment and reduces operating costs. As power requirements grow or change, it also permits cost effective upgrading – you only need to pay for capacity as it’s required.

PowerWAVE 6000 is available in a variety of different configurations to suit your requirements, both now and in the future. The range starts at 60 kVA, with 80 kVA and 100 kVA units also available with integrated enclosures to accommodate batteries. For larger units, ranging from 120 kVA to 500 kVA, external battery enclosures are required.

For more information on the PowerWAVE 6000 for any other product or service from UPSL,

please contact:

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

01256 386700 Fax: 01256 386701

[email protected]


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