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Metartec – the key to getting the best critical power solution for your data center

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IT operations are a crucial aspect for organisations and one of the main concerns is business continuity due to the significant reliance on information systems. An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is an essential piece of equipment within the infrastructure of a data centre to minimise disruption from power disturbances.  

A UPS is the corner stone of the power protection of all data centers and you bespoke UPS solutions are available to suit any budget. The key to getting the right UPS solution for your data centre is to understand what a UPS is, what it can do and what options are available on the market.

Metartec’s specialists offer expert advice to ensure you receive the best back up power solution for your data center without paying more than you have to.


Ensure you do not pay above the odds simply for a brand name

Data centre owners know all too well the disastrous consequences of power failures, which is why confidence in a UPS system is vital. This critical issue affects customers’ willingness to try other brands, even though there are UPS systems available on the market which offer exactly the same technical benefits as OEM UPSs but do not have the same premium price tag.

This ‘brand uncertainty’ has led to customers choosing what seems like the safe option, whereas in actuality OEM UPS systems are not only more expensive to purchase, they also have high hidden running costs. Metartec supplies an extensive range of own brand UPS systems offering you the same technical power protection solution as OEMs at a much more competitive price.


Avoid getting tied in to one service supplier

The preference of many manufacturers is to incorporate ‘locked software’ into their UPS systems as a means of restricting access for operational repair. What this means for your business is that you must use the original equipment manufacturer’s engineers to action repairs which can result in very high call out and repair charges.

Metartec is different, it puts the customer’s needs first by offering open protocol UPSs which insures the customer is not locked in to a single service provider. This eliminates hidden service and maintenance costs by giving the customer flexibility to choose their service supplier to suit their budget.


Improve efficiency by getting the right UPS for your application

Businesses in the past have dramatically over estimated UPS capacity which has resulted in electrical inefficiency and wastage. Metartec’s scalable options ensure you get a UPS solution which fits your requirements exactly to avoid inefficiencies from running systems which are too large and also offer a smaller footprint.

Metartec’s DECI Modular UPS offers the capability for easy expansion to accommodate varying load requirements. The modular design also allows for easy maintenance which reduces your cost of ownership, making it a more cost-effective critical power solution. Metartec’s DEKA UPS solutions can be implemented in very large data centers as they are available in up to 800kVA.

Metartec has supplied bespoke critical power solutions to Interoute, Europe’s leading provider of bandwidth and transmission services. They are the key to Europe’s digital supply chain and Metartec is a key element in maintaining the reliability of their communications structure.


Save time and money by using a single specialist supplier for all of your data centre needs

Why waste time and money dealing with lots of different suppliers for each aspect of your data centre when you could deal with a single specialist company who will offer very competitive solutions for all elements of data centre build and protection?

Metartec is the complete critical power solution provider and offers UPS and generator maintenance and hire solutions and an extensive range of spare parts. Metartec’s electrical engineers are very experienced in data centre infrastructure and have completed projects for several of the major internet service providers. Installations include data cabling for server rooms, raised access flooring, emergency lighting, LV switchgear, fire suppression systems and a turnkey equipment replacement programme.

Metartec works closely with one of the largest global suppliers of secure, resilient IT infrastructures and organisational availability services. Bespoke UPS systems have been installed and are maintained by Metartec’s expert engineers to ensure their IT infrastructure meets the stringent standards which data centers must adhere to.

To find out more contact Metartec’s experts today

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