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FG Wilson powering data centres

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For a data centre, power failure can equate to the loss of millions of pounds per hour. A reliable power supply is therefore crucial to ensure a data centre’s success.

Increasingly, data centre providers are turning to FG Wilson Engineering Ltd, as one of the leading global manufacturers of gas and diesel generating sets, to protect them from the risk of power loss and business downtime.

FG Wilson product is providing power support for data centres in countries all over the world including the UK and Ireland, Europe, South America and Asia.

Sentrum – owner and operator of multiple data centres across the UK – is just one example of a major data centre company relying on FG Wilson for power support. A specialist in the operation and on-going management of mission-critical environments, Sentrum offers
flexible, cost effective and resilient data centre solutions delivered by a highly experienced team. Comprising in excess of 1.4 million sq ft, Sentrum’s high specification facilities have been designed and built to enable clients to confidently specify every aspect of their data
centre. Sentrum was also the first data centre operator to offer fully bespoke and scalable solutions, with dedicated plant (mechanical & electrical infrastructure) for every data suite. This ensures that Sentrum customers benefit from access to truly customised solutions both
in terms of space, power configurations and levels of resilience.

Tri-Gen Power Limited, one of FG Wilson’s UK distributors, has supported Sentrum with all its standby power needs. Over 130 FG Wilson diesel generator sets, rated at 1,500 kVA, have been supplied, installed and commissioned by Tri-Gen Power Limited in the past few years. These generator sets were supplied with FG Wilson sound attenuated enclosures, 20m long and weighing 70 ton.

As many of Sentrum’s data centres are situated close to residential areas, this power product had to guarantee extremely low noise levels.
The cooling system was designed with remote roof mounted radiators, fitted with low noise level cooling fans, whilst the exhaust system involves three separate low noise level silencer elements that discharge vertically.

The generator sets are fitted with automatic synchronising panels and typically paralleled in groups of twenty. They are also supplied with fuel tanks with a running capacity of 72 hours.

Franek Sodzawiczny, Sentrum’s Co-Founder and Chief Development Officer, commented: “Our selection of FG Wilson generator sets for our UK data centres was based on quality, reliability, competitive pricing and delivery – we werenot disappointed.”

As the demands of the data centre sector continue to evolve, FG Wilson continues to adapt its product and service offering to remain the first choice for power support.

FG Wilson product ranges from 5.5 – 2,500 kVA, including open and enclosed generator sets providing prime and standby power – from standby domestic use, right up to power modules with the ability to operate as complete power stations supplying electricity to national grids.

Through a global network of 380 Dealers,FG Wilson serves and supports customers all over the world, to deliver quality power solutions.
Visit to see how FG Wilson can meet your specific power needs.

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