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Trends in network server technology

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Rittal has developed a new intelligent rack system and accessories known as TS IT, with reduced complexity and easy-to-install Plug and Play technology. With its new rack system, Rittal has simplified a network or server installation by eliminating long planning phases, with complicated selection and ordering, due to the large number of types, accessories and possible combinations on offer and at the same time, succeeded in meeting all the requirements of modular and flexible network and server racks, with a single mass produced system


T­­­­ A wide range of properties makes the TS IT rack easy to order, provides a safe environment for servers and other equipment, can be modified without major outlay and offers an optimum price/performance ratio.  Companies can now make clear savings due to the rack system’s largely tool-less assembly in terms of time and cost.

Even in its standard version, the rack fulfils virtually all the requirements placed on network and server enclosures and includes two flexible 19″ mounting levels, a multi-piece roof plate with optimised side cable entry via brush strips in the roof and is already prepared for fan integration. To satisfy individual requirements Rittal’s TS IT rack allows exceptionally straightforward, tool-less adjustment of the mounting levels and space-saving integration of the relevant accessories. With a total load capacity of 1,500 kilograms on the 19″ level, the new Rittal IT rack also meets the highest stability requirements.

Rapid assembly technology ensures greater efficiency in individual interior installations.  Accessories such as component shelves and sliding rails can be assembled single-handedly and added or modified without any need for tools. Rittal has applied this approach to all the relevant components, ensuring that intelligent, versatile expansion options provide the flexibility needed for customer-specific configurations.

For today’s data centres to remain at the cutting edge of technology, racks have to adapt flexibly to the innovation cycles of servers and storage systems Users can choose between perforated and solid rack doors. All doors are equipped with practical 180° hinges and permit a maximum of accessibility. The divided rear door (a standard feature) guarantees that space is used optimally and allows the administrator to access all the equipment directly. These features combine to make optimum use of the space available ensuring that escape routes are narrow, but still meet the required widths in the event of an emergency. Rittal’s TS IT rack also has a sufficiently tight gasket making it suitable for gas extinguishers to be used in the event of fire and it is, of course, suitable for rack climate control.

Powerful IT equipment generates a lot of heat, which has to be dissipated safely and therefore it is important to have highly energy-efficient cooling systems to ensure safe operation of the installed technology. Accordingly, Rittal is distinguishing between future rack generations based not on their areas of application, but on their climate control requirements. Enclosures are now only differentiated according to climate control technology or rack and/or row climate control. The rack is already designed for climate control with specific IT cooling systems and liquid-based cooling systems such as the LCPs (liquid cooling packages) from Rittal. Consequently, the TS IT racks have a free ventilation area of 85% for climate control. In the case of fire, the rack also provides the necessary air-tightness to safely enable the use of extinguisher gas systems and to meet the relevant holding times. This averts any potential threat from fire. These properties have been confirmed by accredited testing laboratories.

Adapting perfectly to the latest data centre trends, the TS IT rack includes automatic inventory systems and systems for recording the technical features of all components. This means that, as an additional feature, the rack supports direct integration of specific RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) sensor bars. Furthermore, customers can themselves add one of these bars at any time while the rack is in operation. The new mounting angles provide a range of further options. For example, the rack can accommodate cable routing aids and the space-saving integration of the new Rittal power distribution rail system PDU-i at the rear. As the design conforms to the 1U standard, this can be fitted directly in the Zero U space between the side panel and mounting level.

As an alternative to the conventional sheet steel bases/plinths, Rittal’s TS IT is also available with the new Flex-Block system, which can be easily assembled without tools, and allows the base/plinth to be used as customer’s request. The Flex-Block plinth is made up of four fibreglass reinforced corner pieces that fix directly to each corner of the enclosure, either to the frame or the base tray. These blocks support the whole weight of the enclosure providing direct access to the whole of the underside allowing for cable management or pallet trucks for simple transportation. With provisions for threaded inserts, the corner pieces allow for castors or adjustable levelling feet to be installed with the minimum of effort, without tools.

With all the corner pieces in place it is possible to clip fit, or mechanically fix, accessories such as punched section for the use of Rittal standard accessories such as cable management, punched section, cable restraints, etc., providing a solid easy solution for cable access when working at low level.

With this IT rack, Rittal is underpinning its innovative strength. Due to the intelligent modular design, customers will save time and money and, at the same time, will be hedging their investment for the future, because this enclosure will adapt to the evolution occurring in their data centres.

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