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CHP at the heart of the revolution

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David Cameron has today announced plans that would put combined heat and power (CHP) at the heart of the Conservatives' ‘energy revolution'.

A report stresses the need to generate heat and electricity together, with local supply making more efficient use of scarce energy resources.

In the policy statement the Conservative leader commits a future Conservative government to supporting all forms of low carbon heat generation, and giving local authorities the powers needed to establish new CHP district heating networks.

Graham Meeks, director of the Combined Heat and Power Association (CHPA) commented: "Decentralised energy will be central to our low-carbon future, and the Conservatives' proposals set out a progressive and comprehensive pathway towards making this a reality.
"Combined heat and power has a vital part to play. By making our fuels go further it will deliver massive cuts in carbon emissions, reduce dependency on imported gas and take us closer to reaching our renewables targets. But most importantly it is a proven technology that can save money today, relieving hard-pressed household budgets and improving the competitiveness of British businesses.

"The industry welcomes the explicit support for all forms of low-carbon heat generation and the commitment to develop CHP in parallel with new, local district heating networks."

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