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One cable supplier is set to reveal all in a new initiative designed to make the cable buying experience quicker and easier.

The initiative, launched on 16 January, sees the introduction of 3D models to the Eland Cables website ( With computer-generated models covering the company's cable portfolio, visitors to the site will now be able to zoom in on, rotate, and strip back the sheath or outer surface of a selected cable, to help them choose the right cable for the job.

The move comes after teams at Eland's London headquarters discussed ways of improving the customer experience. While the new 3D models will not replace the need for traditional cable samples, Eland Cables hopes that by clearly displaying the construction and detail of the cable, customers will be able to make a more informed decision about their cable purchases. Any reduction in the number of samples requested, however, will further support the company's environmental credentials – Eland became one of the first cable companies to be awarded IS0 14001 accreditation last year.

 "When you buy a car you always look under the bonnet," said Sonja Madjzoub, the marketing executive who has spent the last four months masterminding the project, "so we want to show customers more than a simple diagram or photograph. With our 3D models we are hoping to make the cable buying process more interactive and informative – not to mention enjoyable. We can't wait to hear what our customers think."  

Philip Brown, managing director at Eland Cables added: "Service is everything at Eland Cables. We are always looking to improve our offering and I am confident this new venture will help cable buyers across the world. If we can use interactive diagrams to make cable buying easier and more practical that's great. If the experience can be both engaging and memorable at the same time, that's even better. These 3D models will be a welcome addition moving forward."

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