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IET chief: Government must support adults to retrain

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As the economic situation worsens, the head of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), a world leading organisation for engineers, is calling on the Government to take a long term view in its response to recovering the economy.

Chief executive, Robin McGill, thinks more should be done to help those in the middle of their careers who find themselves jobless and in need of retraining.

"Many people, in particular from the financial services sector, are finding themselves without a job. Individual circumstances will vary but many of these people are likely to possess the right mix of analytic skills to put them in good stead for successful careers in engineering.

"Whilst training will take time to complete, we must make it easier and clearer for people to put these skills to good use.  The Government must provide assistance to those who are half way through their careers that find themselves jobless so that it is easy and clear for them to access the relevant training and support.

"As a professional institution representing 150,000 engineers across the world, the IET believes in continuous professional development as the crux of a progressive workforce and, therefore, a healthy economy.

"Professional development is invaluable in developing and maintaining competence and will help maintain a leading edge.  It will help achieve professional goals faster and more effectively whatever the stage of career.

"There is a recognised skills shortage in engineering and a clear need for engineers to deliver major infrastructure projects to take us forward and kick start the economy.

"Engineers are always needed to deal with everyday issues that affect us all; everything from coming up with the next generation of green fuels to delivering clean water and electricity right across the world.

"Engineering offers very strong career opportunities, both in a technical and management direction and both are just as financially attractive as comparable professions.

"Now is the time to invest in rebuilding the UK engineering capability.  We must take a long term view for the long term recovery of the UK plc."

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