• Riello UPS reveals new Sentinel Tower range

    Riello UPS has introduced a new 5-10 kVA product range designed to protect critical telecoms and IT systems.

  • Powering the future

    Power management specialist Riello UPS has teamed up with energy trading experts RWE Supply & Trading to offer data centre operators the opportunity to turn their UPS systems into a ‘virtual power plant’ capable of demand side response – providing a lower upfront and operational cost for a more reliable UPS system.

  • Riello UPS earns information security accreditation 

    Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and standby power systems manufacturer Riello UPS has obtained ISO 27001 certification.

  • Super-efficient UPS in a low carbon world

    In an increasingly environmentally-aware age where efficiency is almost as important as availability, Chris Cutler of Riello UPS examines the consequences for the next generation of uninterruptible power supplies.

  • What could cause a Britain-wide blackout?

    In June, virtually all of Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay were left without electricity following a massive power failure. Could something similar happen in the UK? Leo Craig of Riello UPS outlines the biggest threats to our power supplies and unveils a new report that investigates the consequences of a nationwide blackout.

  • The perfect partner

    For the third consecutive year, the ER Excellence Awards 2020 is proud to be partnered with Riello UPS. A company that never stops, we find out a bit about what Riello has been up to of late, gleaning an insight into some of its latest projects, as well as finding out why this industry leader has gone for the partnership hattrick. 

  • Riello UPS introduces plastic waste reduction plans

    Wrexham-based Riello UPS has issued its staff with reusable stainless steel drinks bottles as part of its drive to eliminate single-use plastics.