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Delmatic’s IP DALI-2 Buswire Module certified as most powerful Ethernet to the Edge DALI-2 router

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Delmatic’s IP DALI-2 Buswire Module is the most powerful DALI-2 controller to be independently tested and qualified by the DALI Alliance. 

The module is a class-leading, smart ready Ethernet to the Edge router combining DALI-2 technology with full BACnet IP and granular MQTT integration.

The cutting-edge module individually addresses and monitors up to 384 DALI-2 drivers across 6 DALI universes, plus DALI-2 devices, such as presence detectors, multisensors, switches and scene-set panels, as well as Delmatic’s latest multi-discipline sensors.

The module uses Ethernet as a network backbone to seamlessly communicate with other DALI hubs and presents real-time DALI and network data in BACnet and MQTT formats for unrivalled management, monitoring and smart data sharing. The module provides efficiency and scalability for a wide range of projects and applications, and provides individual DALI-2 emergency light testing and monitoring via DALI emergency devices.

DALI-2 is the global standard for smart, digital lighting control in the IoT era. Delmatic are leaders in DALI-2 lighting management system design and application, and offer the most extensive range of certified DALI-2 products. 

Contact Delmatic for more information on the IP DALI-2 Buswire Module, and to discover the full DALI-2 range.

+44 (0)20 3184 2000

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