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What challenges lie ahead for the grid’s transition to net zero?

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At the recent Powered On Live event, we gathered a panel of experts to discuss the challenges that will face the grid in its transition to net zero. 

Joining the panel were Ita Kettleborough, Deputy Director at the Energy Transitions Commission; Simon Orr, Net Zero Plan Lead at National Grid; and Dr Laura Schade, Energy Engineer – Senior Executive Officer at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. 

The panel explored the following topics: 

  • What does it mean to be net zero?
  • Net zero is intrinsically linked to electrification, which will mean an increase in the demand for electrification. How can we build a robust grid to ensure it can meet the challenges of this move to electric? 
  • There is a growing need for not only the grid to be smarter, but for the devices connecting to the grid to be smarter themselves. This includes smart electric vehicle chargers, what impact will these ‘smart’ devices have?
  • Consumers and businesses are a big part of the net zero picture picture, however, it’s argued that the cost of the transition is a high burden for many – especially during a cost of living crisis. What would you say to those hesitant to invest in achieving net zero? 
  • Last year, US Climate Envoy John Kerry argued that we don’t yet have the technologies available to achieve net zero by 2045. What does that mean, and what technologies will need to be further developed to achieve this goal? Will it require more investment? 

You can get the full lowdown on how this panel went at the top of the page.

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