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Moto Medway to receive 48 new EV chargers thanks to electrical upgrade
Moto Medway, a motorway service station situated along the M2, is undergoing an electrical upgrade to make room for new EV charging stations.
How does the UK solve renewables’ intermittency problem?
At Powered On Live, a panel of experts discussed how the UK’s grid could deal with the intermittency of renewables.
Rishi Sunak accused of flip flopping on onshore wind ban
Rishi Sunak has been accused of flip flopping on his pledge to ban new onshore wind farms, while backing coal and fracking.
Lack of training could put EV charger installations at risk
Electricians want to install EV chargers, but many lack the necessary training, according to a new survey from City & Guilds.
What challenges lie ahead for the grid’s transition to net zero?
At the recent Powered On Live, we gathered a panel of experts to discuss the challenges that will face the grid in the net zero transition.
How UK Power Networks cut EV charger connection wait times to mere seconds
UK Power Networks has confirmed that its Smart Connect online portal has helped fast track the connection of more than 10,000 EV chargers. 
Despite rising energy costs, renewables continue to get cheaper
As the cost of energy continues to increase, renewables may be getting even more attractive, as their prices continue to fall. 
UK net zero goal: Why it’ll take more than just renewables
The UK’s quest for net zero will require more than just renewable energy, as Matthew Knight explained at Powered On Live.
UK Power Networks trials new incentives for EV smart charging
UK Power Networks has recently trialled new incentives for electric vehicle owners that could help balance the grid.  
How much could companies save with on-site electricity generation?
Cornwall Insight details how much companies could potentially save in both cost and carbon emissions from on-site electricity generation.