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Milton Keynes Council commits to roll-out hundreds of new residential EV chargers
Milton Keynes Council has committed to rolling out hundreds of new residential EV chargers after securing a £1.1 million grant.
Ellis Patents champions the importance of green credentials
Ellis Patents says that a business’s green credentials will soon play a major role in its success.
How the Internet of Things is making buildings more efficient
Stacey Lucas of Sontay explains how the IoT is paving the way for greater productivity and building management across the nation.
InstaVolt set to roll-out 10,000 new rapid chargers by 2030
InstaVolt has become the latest EV charging provider to announce the roll-out of thousands of new chargers.
Electric vehicles to increase electricity demand by 25% by 2040
Demand for electricity is set to rise a whopping 25% by 2040 as a result of the uptake in electric vehicles.
UK could see an exodus of 660,000 jobs if net zero targets missed
The UK is at risk of losing almost 660,000 jobs to other countries if the Government doesn’t accelerate its transition to net zero.
Siemens Gamesa first to commercialise recyclable wind turbine blades
Siemens Gamesa has become the first company to debut a commercially-available wind turbine blade that can be recycled at the end of its life.
National Audit Office brands Green Homes Grant ‘over ambitious’, poorly executed
The National Audit Office has released a scathing review of the Green Homes Grant, noting that it was over ambitious and poorly executed.
Could carbon capture and storage finally be viable?
Storegga’s efforts to develop innovative carbon reduction and removal technology on UK shores have received a boost.
Denmark on track to achieve 100% renewable electricity generation by 2030
Denmark is well on its way to achieving 100% renewable electricity generation by 2030, according to new research from GlobalData.