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Author: Elinore Mackay

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60 mile success

GJD’s business development manager successfully completed the Herts 60 mile ride for the Willow Foundation

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Much needed help

In our sector, hundreds of individuals show a random act of kindness every single day to thousands of their colleagues in need and you too can be part of transforming someone’s life by signing up to the Electrical Industries Charity’s (EIC) powerLottery

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A modern metro

Milan Sima, railway general manager at Saft, explains how the batteries on board new trains for the Chengdu Metro will keep the system running for over 11 million people. 

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Improved efficiency with environmental controls upgrade

Abtec Building Technologies (Abtec BT) has upgraded the environmental controls in various buildings at Arthur Mellows Village College, a sixth form secondary school located near Peterborough.  As well as reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions, the new controls have provided the school

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A bold new target

Luke Nicholls, content director at edie, gives a taste of what’s in-store at this year’s edie Live.

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Charity support for mental health sufferers

It is not always easy to spot if somebody is experiencing mental ill health, which can come in many different forms and in some cases are dismissed all too easily as something minor.

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Industry backs Committee on Climate Change 2050 target

Beama, the UK trade association representing manufacturers of energy technologies, supports the Committee on Climate Change net zero target.  Given the odds we now face globally in exceeding the 1.5°C rise in temperature, this is the only way forward.

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