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Industry backs Committee on Climate Change 2050 target

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Beama, the UK trade association representing manufacturers of energy technologies, supports the Committee on Climate Change net zero target.  Given the odds we now face globally in exceeding the 1.5°C rise in temperature, this is the only way forward.

Industry will have a key role to play in delivering the technologies required to reduce emissions at this level. Radical policy change and infrastructure planning will be required to ensure we cement this opportunity.  The technology is easily available on the market today. If delivered with effective planning this could have positive implications for our economy. Beama views this as a significant opportunity to retain UK manufacturing and promote export and inward investment.

In recent years the UK has invested significant sums of money into innovation and testing for new low carbon technologies and solutions. This is a chance to galvanise this learning and technological development and promote the UK as a leader in new low carbon technologies on the road to decarbonise.


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