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National Grid partners with Kidney Care UK to help kidney disease sufferers

National Grid partners with Kidney Care UK to help kidney disease sufferers

National Grid Electricity Distribution has launched a collaborative effort with Kidney Care UK to provide assistance to over 60,000 individuals affected by chronic kidney disease. The initiative aims to offer crucial support regarding fuel poverty and other related services.

Kidney Care UK, a charity dedicated to supporting kidney patients, will guide individuals in understanding the available support and facilitate their registration with the company’s Priority Services Register (PSR). This service, crucial during power disruptions, offers fuel poverty assistance and energy-saving advice at no cost. It’s accessible to various individuals, including those with chronic health conditions, elderly citizens, and people dependent on electrically powered medical devices.

The charity’s patient support extends to a variety of services, such as counselling, community advocacy with 19 Advocacy Officers spread across the UK, financial grants for different needs, and assistance with benefit applications and financial advice.

In addition to increasing patient referrals, Kidney Care UK will also deliver specialised training to National Grid’s field and contact centre teams. This training is designed to enhance their understanding and ability to meet the specific needs of kidney patients effectively.

Nicki Johnson from National Grid Electricity Distribution expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, “We are delighted to be joining forces with Kidney Care UK. This partnership will enable us to reach more patients with kidney disease so they can benefit from our Priority Services Register and the additional free support this provides for people with extra needs.”

Laurie Cuthbert, Director of Fundraising, Marketing, and Communications at Kidney Care UK, highlighted the significance of this partnership, “This is an exciting relationship to transform the support that our kidney community will receive. We are pleased to be working in partnership to help support more than 60,000 people living with chronic kidney disease to enable them to receive support appropriate to their condition.”

He further explained, “The partnership will allow Kidney Care UK and National Grid to raise greater awareness of chronic kidney disease more generally and will be supported by bespoke training for field and contact centre teams who support customers during power cuts, ensuring they can best understand and support the needs of kidney patients.”

This partnership marks one of 19 collaborative efforts undertaken by Kidney Care UK in light of the cost of living crisis. It aims to ensure that individuals with kidney disease are informed of and can benefit from the charity’s support, while also educating the energy and utility sectors about the challenges faced by kidney patients amid rising living expenses.

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