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Megger launches versatile multifunction instrument for power applications

Megger PMM2 Power Multimeter

Megger has announced the debut of the new PMM2 Power Multimeter.

Designed specifically to meet the needs of engineers and technicians working on electrical power systems, the new PMM2 Power Multimeter from Megger provides a comprehensive range of measuring functions in a single compact and readily portable instrument. 

The PMM2 features an integrated colour touchscreen display complemented by an intuitive menu-driven user interface and is ideal for applications that include general electrical system maintenance, electrical machine repairs, protective relay testing and power monitoring at the electrical service entrance.

To maximise its versatility, the PMM2 supports simultaneous measurement and display of up to four voltages and four currents, or up to eight currents. It also provides accurate phase angle measurements even at low currents and it incorporates sophisticated timing and gating functions to facilitate the testing and commissioning of protective relay systems. These features are complemented by a built-in report generator, and data capture functionality which can automatically store up to 60 minutes of measured data with a sampling rate of 28.8 k samples per second.

“Discussions with our customers revealed that there was a need for a compact general-purpose instrument that not only supports the full range of measurements needed for power applications but also offers data capture and timing features,” said Mark Pustejovsky, Relay and High Current Application Engineer of Megger. 

“We have developed the PMM2 to fill this gap in the market with an instrument that is genuinely portable and intuitive in operation. We are confident that it will save users a lot of time and trouble.”

The PMM2 is powered from an internal rechargeable battery that has been sized to ensure that the instrument is admissible as carry-on baggage for commercial airline flights. Two versions are available: the PMM2 is designed for standard applications, while the PMM2-R is specially ruggedised for use in particularly demanding environments.

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