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What are the risks with arc flash and how do you mitigate the consequences?

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At the recent Powered On Live event, Jeremy Gadd, Owner and Managing Director, Covol Engineering Ltd, highlighted the risks associated with arc flash and how people could mitigate the potentially deadly consequences.

Electrical arcing (sometimes called a ‘flashover’ or ‘arc flash’), perhaps as a result of a short circuit caused by unsafe working practices, can generate intense heat leading to deep-seated and slow-healing burns, even if it persists for a short time. (HSG85)

During his session at Powered On Live, Jeremy went into detail regarding what inherent risks are present when working with electricity, as well as the regulations that try to protect those within the industry. He also detailed the three pillars of electrical safety and why risk assessments are so important. 

To find out more about this particular session, watch the full video above. 

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