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UK net zero goal: Why it’ll take more than just renewables

At the recent Powered On Live event, Matthew Knight, Head of Market and Government Affairs at Siemens Energy, explained why renewables aren’t the only factor in helping the UK achieve net zero. 

Some will think that the solution to decarbonising the energy grid and thus moving towards a net zero future will involve just plonking down some renewable energy generation and calling it a day. However, that’s not the case, as Matthew Knight shared with our audience at Powered On Live. 

In fact, in order to achieve net zero, the UK will need to take a holistic approach to the UK’s energy system, investing in a myriad of technologies. This includes everything from more renewables to energy storage, as well as both blue and green hydrogen. 

It’s not just about the energy system either, households across the UK will need to partake in the transition to net zero, whether it’s upgrading their vehicles to ones powered by electricity, or by installing more efficient heat pumps to replace aging gas boilers. 

If you want to truly understand the scale of the challenge facing the UK in its quest for net zero, Matthew Knight’s session is well worth a watch. 

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