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UK energy crisis: What’s causing it and when will it end?

At the recent Powered On Live event, Paul Verrill, Director at EnAppSys, helped break down the current energy crisis, how long it could last and what it means for the electrical industry.

The energy crisis is a hot topic at the moment, with consumers facing ever-increasing energy bills as the cost of supplying electricity continues to skyrocket. But what is causing this unprecedented event, and what can be done to stop the bleeding? 

During his half hour session, Paul detailed to the audience the ways in which the drive to net zero may be contributing to the current energy crisis, but how it’s certainly not the cause. In fact, given time, the drive for net zero may actually be what helps reduce electricity bills. 

Ofgem recently warned that prices are going to get even higher for consumers in Winter 2022, and outlook Paul shares when looking forward to later this year. However, it’s not all doom and gloom, while the post-pandemic period is going to see higher than usual bills, the future should look a lot brighter.

In order to get to that brighter future, however, Paul warns that this ‘bump in the road’ must not be allowed to become a pothole, or even a sinkhole, by the industry making things worse. To find out where exactly the industry goes from here, watch the full video. 

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